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Comprehensive Lawn & Landscape Services in San Marcos, TX

Our available services include lawn maintenance, hardscaping builds, and more!

The over 66,000 residents in San Marcos, TX have a special appreciation for natural beauty, and for good reason! With the San Marcos River running through the city, free time is often consumed by boat tours, kayaking, tubing, and other water sports and recreational activities. San Marcos also has an extensive urban trail system with more than 1,200 acres of greenspace within the city limits. With a bustling community of artists, eclectic shops, boutiques, and local eats, San Marcos has it all!


At CLC Landscaping, we appreciate natural beauty too and take just as much care in basic lawn maintenance as we do in complex hardscaping builds. We make sure that every service meets the high standard of quality that we hold ourselves to. We’re honored to provide our lawn and landscape services to homeowners in San Marcos, TX, and the surrounding communities!

Achieve a well-manicured lawn and landscape with proper lawn maintenance.

Lawn maintenance is key to achieving high curb appeal and having a property that looks well-manicured. Our lawn mowing service will make sure that your lawn is mowed at the proper height year-round. Regular trimming and pruning will keep your landscape plants and hedges looking beautiful and healthy! We also offer rock and mulch installation to refresh your landscape beds.


To help keep your property clean year-round, we offer leaf removal to keep your lawn and landscape beds sharp as well as spring and fall cleanups. Our cleanups will restore your property to its former glory by clearing any landscape debris, reshaping beds, and more!

Increase property value with our hardscaping features and services.

The foundation of your outdoor space can be found in walkways, driveways, and outdoor patio steps so that your guests can arrive and travel safely from location to location. You can further add structure to your space by installing retaining and seating walls that can section off areas while also creating more usable space and seating.


If you want to make your outdoor space feel like an extension of your home, we can focus on designing a unique patio or outdoor kitchen that’s perfectly suited to your needs. We also design and build pergolas, pavilions, gazebos, and cabanas that can be free-standing or attached directly to your house if you prefer! Installing a fire pit or outdoor fireplace adds ambiance to your space, creating a place for you and your loved ones to gather and make memories.


Any property will benefit from the finishing touch of landscape lighting so that you can enjoy your space well past sunset! We also offer a cleaning and sealing service for hardscape features to ensure they are always looking their best so you can enjoy them for years to come.

Lawn care services will nourish and protect your lawn and landscape.

We offer fertilization and weed control services to nourish your lawn and eliminate weeds that would love to steal nutrients away from your grass. Our landscape bed weed control will enable landscape plants to grow uninhibited by weeds so they can thrive.


Our aeration and overseeding lawn care services will not only improve nutrient access for the deep roots of your grass, but also refresh your lawn with new seedlings to fill in any bare spots. We can also add top dressing to your lawn to create more soil for your grass to take advantage of!


With our disease and insect control treatments, your lawn will be protected against threats to its health like brown patch disease and grubs. And if your lawn has already been extensively damaged by threats like this or if you just want to start fresh with a different grass type, we can create a beautiful new lawn for you with our sod installation service.

We offer drainage solutions and irrigation services.

We offer drainage solutions that are designed to prevent standing water from accumulating in your yard where it can cause damage. We also offer irrigation installation and repair services to ensure your grass and plants are properly hydrated throughout the year.

We also offer a planting and softscaping service that will add color, texture, and dimension to your property with low-maintenance native Texas plants.

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