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Stunning outdoor fireplace under a large wooden shelter near Buda, TX.

Outdoor Fireplaces in the New Braunfels, Buda, & San Marcos Areas of Central TX

Sit by the fire in style with a beautiful outdoor fireplace!

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Outdoor Fireplace Installation Service in & Around New Braunfels, Buda & San Marcos, TX

We offer wood and gas-burning options for your outdoor fireplace.

Gorgeously designed modern outdoor fireplace on a patio just outside in Buda, TX.

Nothing beats sitting by the fire on a chilly evening, but with a beautiful outdoor fireplace, you can do so in style! At CLC Landscaping, we can build your new outdoor fireplace using a kit or we can create a custom design; a kit provides various pre-built structure options you can choose from, or you can custom design it from scratch to best suit your aesthetic vision. It can also be either wood or gas-burning, depending on your preferences. However, that's not all - we also offer 2D and 3D design renderings so you can see how your outdoor fireplace will look before the installation begins! That way, you can ensure it's to your liking and checks off all your aesthetic boxes.

We offer our outdoor fireplace installation service to residential property owners in New Braunfels, Buda, San Marcos, and other surrounding areas in Texas.

We Can Build Your Outdoor Fireplace From a Kit or Create a Custom Design

Sleek new custom outdoor fireplace near Buda, TX.

Not only does an outdoor fireplace provide a more private spot to gather on cool evenings, but it also enhances your outdoor living space and overall aesthetic. We want to satisfy your design preferences and create the feature of your dreams, so we can build yours from scratch using a custom design; this means that if you have an idea in mind, we'll work with you to bring it to fruition. On the other hand, we can also use a pre-built kit design, where you can choose from our various structure and frame options to get started. Then, you can customize it into a fireplace that flatters your taste, from the materials to any other additions you want.

Your Outdoor Fireplace Can Be Either Wood or Gas-Burning

A beautiful gas fireplace with seating at a home in and around Buda, TX.

One of the most important decisions you'll have to make when installing a new outdoor fireplace is what type of fuel you want it to burn! We offer both wood and gas-burning options, but you should consider their differences and what kind of ambiance and experience you want for your outdoor living space:

  • Wood-burning fireplaces create an outdoorsy, campfire feel, from the smell of the smoke to the crackling sound of the burning wood. While you'll need to gather the wood and manually light it, this gives a more interactive experience that many people enjoy.
  • Gas-burning fireplaces are low-maintenance options, as it requires little to no cleanup and can be turned on and off with a switch. It can also burn as long as you please, as it's connected to your property's gas line and will have a nearly limitless fuel source.

We offer 2D and 3D design renderings so that you can view your outdoor fireplace before the installation begins!

The benefits of viewing your outdoor fireplace before the installation begins are endless - you can ensure it's to your liking and adjust it accordingly if it's not, saving time, money, and resources. Because of this, we offer 2D and 3D design renderings, and you can choose which would best help you envision your new outdoor fireplace!

2D renderings provide a 2-dimensional view for a general layout idea, 3D renderings provide a realistic, 3-dimensional design that you can view from different angles.

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If you want to install an equally stunning and durable fireplace for your outdoor living space, look no further! Here at CLC Landscaping, we offer our outdoor fireplace installation service to homeowners in and around New Braunfels, TX, including Buda and San Marcos. However you want your outdoor fireplace to look, you can trust that we'll get it right the first time so that it satisfies your aesthetic preferences and remains a focal point for years to come. Call us at (830) 515-2002 to schedule today!