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    One Structure. Countless Advantages.

    With retaining walls you can create extra dimensions in your landscape design, while also having practical benefits such as reducing erosion and flooding. Each build is fully customized to your property and softscaped to your liking.


    Schedule an Appointment

    To bring you customized care, we always begin by conducting a consultation. During this consultation, we will discuss why you wish to install a retaining wall and the overall goal for your property. If you are experiencing soil erosion, we will observe the problem at hand and work hard to find a solution.


    By completing a detailed on-site property assessment, our team can gain an understanding of your needs and develop a custom plan for your landscape transformation.


    Are you ready to build your oasis?

    Built To Your Specifications

    With a wide array of materials we have the perfect combination fit for you. Some of our more popular materials include concrete, brick, wood, and natural stone. There’s no project too big or too small to handle. We are not only well versed in local and state construction codes, but we hold ourselves to stringent in-house standards. If we wouldn’t install it on our property, we won’t install it on yours. To find the perfect material, be sure to reach our experts today.


    Find Great Rates and Fast Turnarounds from Our Professional Builders

    When you hire an expert team to complete work on your personal property, you don’t want to wait around, and our team won’t make you. Once we have a project plan in place, we will get to work, ordering materials and preparing your land for the installation. The installation itself should take no more than a day to complete, depending on its size. We would be happy to provide you with an estimated timeline before we get to work, so you know what to expect.


    We are also happy to offer some of the most competitive pricing on retaining wall installation in the area. For pricing details and other information, reach us by phone at your convenience.


    Understanding the Benefits of Installing a Custom Retaining Wall

    There are many reasons why our clients choose to install retaining walls on their properties. Some of the many benefits include:

    • Enhancing the overall value of your property

    • A durable and low maintenance landscaping option

    • Quick to install

    • Able to add additional space to your property

    • It helps reduce runoff water

    • It prevents erosion and helps keep your plants in place

    • A beautiful opportunity for unique landscape design


    A Landscaping Company that Prioritizes Client Care

    Whether you lead a busy life, have very specifics needs, or are working with a tight budget, our experts wish to accommodate you. We have seen, firsthand, the difference retaining walls have made in the lives of our clients, and we want to share that feeling with as many people as possible.


    Every step of the way, we will strive to make your experience the best it can be by offering clear communication, accurate quotes, and reliable scheduling. If you have questions for our team, or if there is any way we can improve your service, please don’t hesitate to let us know.


    Call Our Retaining Wall Specialists

    If you’re a San Marcos homeowner battling erosion on your property, a finely crafted retaining wall could be the answer to your problems.

    CLC Landscaping, LLC is the premier landscaping company in the local community and beyond. We’ve established a reputation for our retaining wall engineering and installation services.

    Design a retaining wall as beautiful as it is practical. Contact our landscaping contractors at (830) 515-2002 to get started.

    Retaining Wall Design and Construction

    Erosion doesn’t have to spell the end of your lawn. CLC Landscaping, LLC’s retaining walls have helped many other San Marcos residents add a little extra to their outdoor area, whether the decision is motivated by a need to preserve their lawn’s structural integrity or just add a bit of flare.


    When properly constructed, a well-made retaining wall is a long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing addition to many San Marcos yards and gardens. Whether you’re looking to preserve the integrity of your landscape or simply add a decorative feature, CLC Landscaping, LLC has what you’re searching for.

    Why Get a Retaining Wall?

    There are a few different reasons why San Marcos homeowners may choose to get a retaining wall. Erosion is often a major deciding factor, because a wall can stop soil movement in its path. If you live on a particularly steep plot of land, or have been noticing soil creep recently, a retaining wall could be a good decision.

    The other primary reason is purely decorative; there are a few different materials we usually use to build the wall, giving you plenty of opportunities to customize your new wall, creating something that is as beautiful as it is useful.

    While the main functions of retaining walls are to prevent soil erosion and add aesthetic appeal to a landscape, they have additional benefits as well, including:

    • Providing flood control

    • Creating usable, flat space on your property

    • Increasing property value

    Are you considering installing a retaining wall on your property? Don’t hesitate to drop us a line to learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of a custom-built wall.

    Which Wall is Right for You?

    Depending on what you’re looking for, there are a few different types of retaining walls to choose from.


    Wood is the most affordable option, so if you’re on a budget this is likely the best material for you. It is important to keep in mind that while its initial price tag is likely lower than for other materials, the lifespan is also significantly shorter, so you should factor in maintenance and replacement costs when deciding whether or not going with wood is the right decision.


    For a more resilient wall, mortar is a good choice. In this case, materials like brick or stone are fused together, creating a structure that stands up to years of use. While a bit pricier, mortared walls are long-lasting and, because of the multitude of materials available, they offer countless opportunities for customization.


    Segmented retaining walls are a third option offered by CLC Landscaping, LLC. This type of wall uses bricks that are designed to fit together like puzzle pieces. Midway between the cost of a wooden wall and a mortared one, segmented retaining walls provide the durability of a pricier wall, while still being budget friendly.

    Upfront Cost Estimates on Retaining Wall Construction

    A major consideration for constructing a retaining wall is, naturally, their cost. At our company, we’re happy to offer our clients upfront quotes on all our work so that they can decide in full confidence.


    Prices vary depending on the landscape we’re working with, which is why CLC Landscaping, LLC always performs a consultation before getting started. Book an appointment with us, and we’ll send a certified contractor to your property. We will thoroughly inspect the area and, based on factors like soil type, the wall’s projected dimensions and the angle of the lawn, give you a fair cost estimate.


    Nobody likes to be surprised by the bill once things are finished, so from the very start CLC Landscaping, LLC is communicative about how much it will cost. Our cost estimates are always accurate and always transparent. You’ll be able to see the complete breakdown of all our material and labor costs before you commit to anything.


    If you’re not sure whether or not a retaining wall is right for you, feel free to give us a call and we can assess the situation, allowing you to make an informed decision.

    Affordable Retaining Wall Construction

    Our clients come to us through word of mouth because our projects are known to be cost-effective and long-lasting. How do we keep our work so affordable? Our outstanding supplier connections make our low prices possible. We cut out the middleman and source high-quality building materials directly. That way, we can drive down our prices and offer some of the most competitive rates in the local industry.

    Premium Retaining Wall Materials

    Thanks to our fantastic supplier network, our product inventory carries retaining wall materials of all types and colors. Create a hardscape masterpiece that suits your outdoor aesthetic perfectly. Choose from:

    • Natural stones

    • Precast stones

    • Treated timber

    • Concrete blocks

    • Poured concrete

    Explore the impressive selection of building materials available to you. Contact our staff today to get started.

    Licensed Landscaping Contractors

    When you partner with our company, you can rest assured knowing that all our staff is fully licensed, insured, and bonded with years of training, education, and experience.

    Our company enforces strict standards for hardscaping excellence. Not only are we well-versed in local and state construction codes and regulations, but we also hold ourselves accountable to stringent in-house criteria for craftsmanship. If we wouldn’t install it on our property, we won’t install it on yours.

    Contact the Retaining Wall Pros

    One structure. Countless advantages.


    A well-built retaining wall protects your home from soil erosion and flooding while creating more usable outdoor space on your lawn. Plus, with our contractors at the reigns, your retaining wall will pack a punch in visual appeal, too!


    CLC Landscaping, LLC is your source for custom hardscaping creations at fantastic rates. You’ll appreciate our impressive product selection, unparalleled attention to detail, and world-class customer service. Schedule a no-obligation consultation with a contractor today. We can’t wait to serve you.

    What We've Done For Others

    Your Neighbors Love Us

    Testimonial 1
    CLC is a Top Grade Landscape company. Highly recommended. My front lawn needed an upgrade and got it. Full all around team; Stone Work, Water System (Sprinkler and Drip) and Lighting. Thanks Chad, Bryan and Ruben's Team for an outstanding job.

    My wife and I are both 100% satisfied.

    Michael Garza

    New Braunfels, TX

    Testimonial 2
    CLC Landscaping did a very professional job. They were actually head of schedule. I spoke with Chad and he was very informative about the job they were doing for us. I highly recommend CLC Landscaping.

    Sylvia Deal

    San Marcos, TX

    Testimonial 3
    They’ve been doing our yard for the last 3 years. They have good pricing and work quickly and efficiently. They do everything from cutting the lawn to trimming our oleanders and red tips. They’re also getting ready to redo our privacy fence. They do a good job.

    Penny Farias

    Kyle, TX

    Testimonial 4
    Our yard looks amazing! Chad is so easy to work with and did whatever we wanted to ensure we were happy. His foreman Zach takes pride in his work and works hard to get the job done. I highly recommend CLC Landscaping!

    Malinda Whitley

    New Braunfels, TX

    Testimonial 5
    I could not ask for a better experience than I have received from Chad and company. Always punctual, very professional, and outstanding work. I would highly recommend to anyone looking for high quality work.

    Jeffrey Sasser

    Buda, TX

    Testimonial 6
    Never dealt with CLC before; heard good things, saw their work. I was not disappointed. Professional, fast, responsive and didn’t rip me off.

    jason denena

    San Marcos, TX

    Testimonial 7
    I highly recommend CLC Landscaping for weekly lawn mowing. They are reasonable priced. I also use the Turf Management treatment - No Weeds !!

    Dee Haffner

    Kyle, TX

    Testimonial 8
    Chad Currie and his team at CLC Landscaping are truly one of a kind. Hardworking, honest, fairly priced and a pleasure to deal with! If you need lawn care or landscaping done, trust me when I say you will not regret giving CLC Landscaping the chance to take care of you!

    Alan Templin

    New Braunfels, TX

    Testimonial 9
    Great quality at an excellent price! I highly recommend using CLC next time you have a project you want done the right way in a timely manner. A big thanks to Chad and his team for all of their hard work.

    Mark Fisher

    Schert, TX

    Testimonial 10
    Workers did a great job, love that I have a beautiful new lawn. Big shout out to the office manager Natalie, she is on top of everything and really made it a good experience.

    Csg Gsc

    Schert, TX

    Testimonial 11
    I love CLC Landscaping. They have been doing my lawn and yard work for several years and I rely on their expertise and consistency. They do not ring my doorbell to ask me what to do--they know what to do and they do it very efficiently and quickly. If I have a special request, I send an e-mail to the office staff and the work gets done. CLC is the most reliable gardening and landscaping company I've ever used. Call them; you'll be glad you did!

    Bernice Hardee

    Buda, TX

    Testimonial 12
    These guys are awesome. They show the upmost professionalism and respect. Chad Currie is extremely knowledgeable and was extremely helpful in guiding me through my landscaping idea for my home. I would recommend CLC Landscapung for anyone that is looking for any landscaping projects. Thanks for the help and I will definitely be using them again.

    Chaz King

    New Braunfels, TX

    Testimonial 13
    Chad and his crews always do a fantastic job! You can’t go wrong with any of his top knot he services. Highly recommended.

    Philip Foltz

    San Marcos, TX

    Testimonial 14
    I have used CLC Landscaping for the past 2 years. Their lawn service has consistent quality and their staff is extremely professional. The team works hard to meet your needs and time schedule.

    Shanna Dowling

    Buda, TX

    Testimonial 15
    I highly recommend chad and clc landscaping. They are very professional and knowledgeable on what they do. Whatever I have needed chad has taken care of me and does it right.

    Joey Deal

    San Marcos, TX

    Testimonial 16
    It might have taken a while to get a starting time set but it seems to have been worth it. Jose and Luis showed up on the start date and did a fantastic job. They had to wheelbarrow everything from the street into the far part of the backyard. No complaints, no whining, just two hard working guys with a great attitude. Jose was able to answer any concerns that I had and all questions that came up about the project. And did a great job. I will use this company again in a heart beat.

    Tom Rekuc

    San Marcos, TX

    Testimonial 17
    We've been using them for almost 3 years now, they're very professional, courteous and communicate with you regularly.

    Rhentt Daily

    New Braunfels, TX

    Testimonial 18
    Very responsive, helpful, and professional. I would highly recommend to anyone looking for whatever the lawncare need may be!

    Cody Beckham

    Schert, TX

    Testimonial 19
    Had CLC redo our flower beds in front and back. Did a great job, friendly crew and Chad did what he said he was going to do. Great experience with CLC.

    David Leatherwood

    New Braunfels, TX

    Testimonial 20
    We recently had the pleasure of working with Chad and his crew. We are so pleased with the work they did to beautify our front yard!! From day, with the amazing masonry, plants and finishes. To night, with the stunning lighting on our home and trees! They were a pleasure to work with!! Highly recommend!

    Robin Vincent

    Buda, TX

    Testimonial 21
    We are thrilled over the outcome of our front yard. We have received so many compliments already and look forward to many years of enjoyment. Our compliments to Chad and his whole. Their attention to detail and amazing, kind, easy-going manner was greatly appreciated. Thank you again and please feel free to use us as a reference any time.

    Terrence Griffin

    Kyle, TX

    Testimonial 22
    They did landscaping and put in an irrigation system in front and back yards. They did an excellent job on both and I’m very pleased with the results. They were easy to work with and kept me informed about progress and when the work would be finished. I’m very happy with the quality of the work.

    Dewayne Phillips

    Buda, TX

    Testimonial 23
    CLC Landscaping is a Phenomenal lawn care service! They have great quality work and take pride in what they do. They are very quick to respond and always want to make sure they can make you happy and you’re satisfied with their work. Highly recommend!

    Priscilla Beckham

    San Marcos, TX

    Testimonial 24
    ClC landscaping has a great crew that is always respectful & does a great job with their lawn service. I would hire them again for any lawn service needs in the future.

    Kayla Ward

    Kyle, TX

    Testimonial 25
    Great landscaping, HIGH quality, very professional!

    Ryan Powell

    San Marcos, TX

    Testimonial 26
    CLC Landscaping did a remarkable job on my lawn. We have recently moved into our new home and we needed sod, sprinklers, plants and a design. Chad did all of the above and has continued to maintain the yard with bi-weekly service. He truly was a life save for my lawn. Thanks again for being so patient with us!

    D Spillman-Nious

    Buda, TX

    Testimonial 27
    Amazing service! They come out regularly as scheduled, invoice is sent, and payment is online. No calls necessary! So easy and they are great with our dalmation!

    Reanna Choate

    San Marcos, TX

    Testimonial 28
    We had a yard full of roses and oleanders that hadn't been touched in years. I requested a quote online for trimming service. Chad came out and did a video walkthrough of the front and back so his crew would know exactly what they needed to do. They did an awesome job and cleaned up in no time. The yard looks so much better and we couldn't be happier with the service and results. Thanks!!

    Eric Verona

    New Braunfels, TX

    Testimonial 29
    We had a great experience with CLC! Chad was able to create our new backyard space that we will enjoy for years to come. We had a mix of hardscape, landscape and xeriscape done. His crew was hard working and he stayed in touch daily.

    Jessica Dietert

    New Braunfels, TX

    Testimonial 30
    Recently had a rock garden area rehabed. Enjoyed the whole experience with courteous and professional CLC employees who went the extra mile.

    Bill Buss

    Kyle, TX

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