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Our fall cleanup service can include trimming plants, removing debris, reshaping landscape beds, and more!


As the seasons change, your landscape needs a little TLC (Tinder, Love, And Care) to prepare for winter. Here at CLC Landscaping, we know that overgrown plants, piles of leaves, and debris can detract from your curb appeal and even damage your lawn during the colder months. That’s why we offer a comprehensive fall cleanup service designed to get your property looking its best and winter-ready. Our experienced crew will meticulously remove leaves, branches, and other debris, ensuring your lawn can breathe throughout the winter. We’ll also expertly trim overgrown plants to promote healthy growth and maintain your desired landscape design. Additionally, we can reshape your landscape beds to define clean lines and enhance the overall aesthetic of your outdoor space. This service is perfect to schedule in the fall, but remember, CLC Landscaping offers year-round yard cleanups for residential properties throughout New Braunfels, Buda, San Marcos, TX, and surrounding areas. Contact us today for a free consultation and let us help you prepare your landscape for a worry-free winter!
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At CLC Landscaping, our yard cleanup service in the fall season is customizable, and you can schedule any services you need. Whether it is one service or five, we will do whatever it is to meet your needs. When you schedule our fall cleanup service, some of the services we can provide for you include:
clc-tx: Debris Removal

Debris removal

Our crew will remove unwanted branches, rocks, and twigs that can smother your lawn and plants, hindering their ability to absorb vital sunlight and water. This ensures your landscape thrives throughout winter and emerges healthy come spring.

clc-tx: Trimming


Our professionals will expertly trim overgrown bushes and plants, preventing winter damage and enhancing your property's curb appeal with a clean, polished look. We can also reshape your landscape beds to maintain their top-notch appearance.

clc-tx: Reshape Landscape Beds

Reshape landscape beds

We can reshape your landscape beds to restore their clean lines and polished look, adding definition and visual interest to your property.

clc-tx: Mowing (Optional)

Mowing (Optional)

For a complete fall refresh, we can add lawn mowing to your fall cleanup service package, ensuring your entire property looks neat and pristine as winter approaches.

clc-tx: Leaf Removal

Leaf removal

Save yourself the hassle! Our team will efficiently clear fallen leaves from your entire property using leaf blowers and tarps. We then haul them away, eliminating the need for tedious bagging and disposal.


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At CLC Landscaping, we understand your lawn’s needs can change throughout the year. That’s why our yard cleanup service isn’t limited to just fall. While a fall cleanup is a fantastic way to remove leaves, and debris, and prepare your property for winter, we’re happy to tackle your yard any time it needs a refresh. Whether you’re looking for spring yard prep to clear winter debris and kickstart a healthy growing season, or simply need a mid-year cleanup to restore your lawn’s curb appeal, our professional team is here to help. We’ll remove leaves, branches, twigs, and other yard waste, leaving your property looking neat and tidy, ready for whatever the season throws your way.
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Your Questions: Answered!


Annual fall cleanup is generally recommended. Ideally, schedule it after most of the leaves have fallen, but before the ground freezes. This timeframe typically falls between late October and mid-November in our region.
Fall cleanup offers numerous benefits:
  • Promotes healthy plant growth: Removing leaves prevents them from smothering your lawn and flower beds, allowing air, water, and sunlight to reach the soil.
  • Reduces pest and disease problems: Leaf buildup can harbor pests and diseases. Removing them helps protect your plants throughout winter.
  • Prepare your lawn for winter: A clean lawn allows for better water drainage and reduces the risk of snow mold.
  • Improves curb appeal: A well-maintained landscape adds beauty and value to your property.
Unfortunately, we cannot provide an exact estimate online. The cost depends on the size of your property, the amount of cleanup required, and any additional services you choose. However, we offer free consultations and estimates! Contact us today to schedule yours.
We frequently run promotions and discounts! Check out our website or social media pages for current offers. We may also provide discounts for bundled services or early bookings.
Safety is our top priority. Our team is fully insured and trained in proper safety protocols. We use the right equipment for the job and follow all safety guidelines. We also take precautions to protect your property, such as using caution around delicate plants and structures.
Yes! Our fall clean-up service typically includes:
  • Leaf removal from your lawn, flower beds, and walkways.
  • Trimming of overgrown shrubs and perennials to promote healthy growth and prevent winter damage.
  • Removal of branches, twigs, and other debris from your property.
We offer additional services you can add to your fall cleanup package, such as:
  • Mulch top-up: Replenishing mulch around your plants helps insulate the roots and retain moisture during winter.
  • Leaf composting: We can compost the leaves we remove, creating a natural fertilizer for your spring planting.
  • Garden bed cleanup: This includes removing spent annuals, weeding, and preparing the beds for winter.
Fall is a busy season for landscaping companies. To ensure availability for your preferred date, we recommend scheduling your fall cleanup at least two weeks in advance.
Our team will perform a thorough inspection of your property during the cleanup. We'll look for any potential hazards like fallen branches, uneven surfaces, or hidden dangers. We'll bring any issues to your attention and can recommend solutions.
Our experienced crew can handle most unforeseen situations. If we encounter any unexpected challenges or additional tasks during the cleanup, we'll communicate them to you clearly. We'll discuss options and obtain your approval before proceeding with any additional work. CLC Landscaping is here to make your fall cleanup a breeze! Contact us today to schedule your service and ensure your landscape thrives through winter.


Schedule our yard cleanup service to ensure your property is pristine for the winter season! We don’t have a set of services, we perform whatever you need. Whether you need debris removed, your bushes trimmed, or your landscape beds reshaped, our team at CLC Landscaping will take care of any needs you may have! We offer our fall cleanup service to residential properties in New Braunfels, Buda, San Marcos, TX, and surrounding areas. Give us a call at (830) 505-1895 to schedule our fall cleanup service for your property today and get your property prepared for the winter! We look forward to hearing from you soon.
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