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At CLC Landscaping, we understand that your landscape is an extension of your living space. It’s an investment that deserves the expertise of a skilled and dedicated team. As one of the best construction landscapers, our passionate professionals are here to help New Braunfels, Buda, San Marcos, TX, and surrounding area homeowners achieve their outdoor dreams.

We offer a comprehensive range of landscape design and construction services, from design and plantings to softscapes, sod installation, rock features, yard cleanups, irrigation systems, and more. Our meticulous approach ensures your landscape not only looks its best but thrives for years to come, becoming a source of pride and a standout feature in your community.


As the top-rated landscape construction company, we’ve been transforming outdoor spaces in New Braunfels, Buda, San Marcos, Kyle, Schertz, and Seguin since 2015. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to providing exceptional landscape construction and maintenance services that exceed your expectations. We understand the importance of creating a beautiful and functional outdoor environment that reflects your unique style.
clc-tx: Over 9 Years of Experience

Over 9 Years of Experience

clc-tx: Commitment to Quality

Commitment to Quality

clc-tx: Focus on Customer Satisfaction

Focus on Customer Satisfaction

clc-tx: Local Expertise

Local Expertise

clc-tx: Custom Designs

Custom Designs

clc-tx: Wide Range of Services

Wide Range of Services

clc-tx: Professionalism and Integrity

Professionalism and Integrity

clc-tx: Commitment to Sustainability

Commitment to Sustainability


CLC Landscaping is your one-stop shop for transforming your outdoor space into a functional and beautiful extension of your home. We offer a comprehensive suite of landscape construction services to meet your unique needs and desires. Here’s a glimpse into what we can create for you:

clc-tx: Patios-&-Walkways

Patios & Walkways

Imagine expanding your living area outdoors with a beautiful patio – perfect for entertaining or relaxing. We offer a variety of materials and styles to create a patio that complements your home's architecture and your taste. Our walkways not only add aesthetic value but also provide safe and convenient navigation throughout your landscape.

clc-tx: Retaining-Walls

Retaining Walls

Slopes and uneven terrain can be both aesthetically unpleasing and impractical. CLC Landscaping designs and builds retaining walls that not only address these challenges but also enhance the visual appeal of your property. Retaining walls can create usable space, prevent erosion, and add a touch of definition to your landscape.

clc-tx: Drainage-Solutions

Drainage Solutions

Proper drainage is essential for a healthy landscape and to prevent foundation problems. We design and install effective drainage systems that channel water away from your home and prevent flooding.

clc-tx: Fire-Pits-&-Outdoor-Kitchens

Fire Pits & Outdoor Kitchens

Create a backyard oasis perfect for spending time with family and friends. A fire pit adds warmth and ambiance, while a custom-designed outdoor kitchen allows you to enjoy the convenience of cooking and entertaining outdoors.

clc-tx: Pergolas-&-Other-Features

Pergolas & Water Features

Extend your living space and create shaded areas with pergolas. We can also design and build a variety of other features to enhance your outdoor experience, such as gazebos, decks, and water features.

clc-tx: Fencing-Services

Fencing & More

At CLC Landscaping, a range of customizable fencing solutions is available to enhance your property's beauty, security, and functionality. The experienced team can help select the ideal style and material, ensuring it's perfect for your requirements and local regulations.


At CLC Landscaping, we’re passionate about transforming your vision into a beautiful and functional outdoor space. Here’s why we’re the perfect partner for your old or new construction landscaping needs:
  • Experienced Professionals Our team boasts extensive experience and expertise in all aspects of landscaping, from design and construction to maintenance. We stay up-to-date on the latest trends and techniques to ensure your project is completed to the highest standards.
  • Unwavering Commitment to Quality We use only top-of-the-line materials and proven methods to guarantee a long-lasting, beautiful landscape. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our customer satisfaction and industry recognition.
  • Sustainable Solutions We’re dedicated to water conservation and environmental responsibility. We offer water-wise plant options, efficient irrigation systems, and sustainable practices to create a healthy and eco-friendly landscape.
  • Focus on You We prioritize understanding your specific needs and preferences. Our team closely collaborates with you to design a customized landscape that reflects your vision and enhances your property.
  • Award-Winning Service In 2020, we were honored to receive the Hays County Award for Landscaping in recognition of our dedication to delivering top-notch work and ensuring customer satisfaction.
  • Seamless Project Management We understand that landscaping projects can be complex. At CLC Landscaping, we take care of everything, from initial consultation and design to project completion and follow-up care. Our experienced project managers will ensure your project runs smoothly, on time, and within budget.


Our team would love to chat with you! Just fill out the form on our website and we’ll connect you with one of our experts.
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Fill Out Our Estimate Form

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Book Your Service

One of our super-friendly experts will then connect with you to further discuss your project and give you a quote. Then, if you’re happy with everything we’ve discussed, it’s time to book your service.

clc-tx: Enjoy Your Beautiful Property

Enjoy Your Beautiful Property

Sit back and let our team do the heavy lifting Starting from designing to building, and maintaining your dream landscape and living space that will be fully functional with aesthetics.


At CLC Landscaping, we’re passionate about transforming outdoor spaces into beautiful extensions of your home. Ready to bring your dream landscape to life? Don’t look for “landscape construction near me” as booking an appointment for our construction services is easy! Simply click the button below and fill out a brief form. A member of our friendly and experienced team will be in touch shortly to discuss your vision, answer any questions you may have, and provide a personalized estimate.
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Your Questions: Answered!


At CLC Landscaping, we offer a comprehensive range of landscape construction services to transform your outdoor space. Our expertise covers both hardscaping and softscaping, including:
  • Hardscaping: Patios, walkways, driveways, retaining walls, fire pits, water features, and outdoor kitchens.
  • Softscaping: Planting trees, shrubs, flowers, and gardens, along with laying sod and installing mulch.
We can also handle aspects like grading, drainage, and irrigation system installation to ensure your new landscape is functional and beautiful.
Getting started is easy! Simply contact CLC Landscaping for a free consultation. A qualified member of our team will visit your property to discuss your vision, assess the space, and answer any questions you may have. We'll then develop a customized plan outlining the project scope and a detailed estimate. Once you're happy to proceed, we'll schedule a start date and handle all aspects of the construction with professionalism and efficiency.
Transparency is important to us. After our initial consultation, we'll develop a comprehensive estimate outlining the costs associated with labor, materials, permits (if applicable), and any additional project requirements. This estimate will be as detailed as possible to avoid surprises.
We partner with reliable suppliers who share our commitment to quality. Additionally, our experienced crews have a keen eye for detail and ensure proper material selection, installation, and maintenance practices to maximize the longevity of your landscape.
Open communication is key. A dedicated project manager will be assigned to your project and will provide regular updates on progress. We'll also be readily available to answer any questions you may have throughout the construction process.
Unfortunately, there's no one-size-fits-all answer for project timelines. The duration depends on several factors, including:
  • Project size and complexity: Larger projects with intricate designs will naturally take longer than smaller, simpler ones.
  • Materials selection: The availability and lead time of specific materials can impact the schedule.
  • Weather conditions: Unforeseen weather events may cause delays.
However, during our initial consultation, we'll provide a realistic timeframe based on your project's specifics. We'll also keep you informed of any potential delays throughout the construction process.
As mentioned previously, several factors influence project timelines. Here's a breakdown of the most common ones:
  • Project scope: Extensive projects involving multiple hardscape and softscape elements will take longer than focused installations, like a new patio or garden bed.
  • Material availability: If specific materials require special ordering or fabrication, there may be lead times to consider.
  • Weather conditions: Heavy rain or extreme temperatures may necessitate postponing certain construction phases.
  • Permitting requirements: Depending on your project's scope, obtaining necessary permits can add time to the overall schedule.
We'll discuss these factors in detail during the consultation and keep you updated on any potential timeline adjustments.
CLC Landscaping prioritizes using high-quality, durable materials from trusted suppliers. We offer a wide variety of options to suit your design preferences and budget, including:
  • Paving materials: Natural stone, pavers, concrete, and flagstone for patios, walkways, and driveways.
  • Retaining wall blocks: Concrete, treated lumber, or natural stone depending on the project's needs.
  • Plants and trees: We source our plant materials from reputable nurseries, ensuring healthy and vibrant additions to your landscape.
  • Mulch and topsoil: High-quality materials that promote healthy plant growth and enhance your landscape's aesthetics.
We'll be happy to discuss the available material options during the consultation process.
Safety is paramount at CLC Landscaping. Our team members undergo regular safety training and adhere to strict industry standards. We utilize proper personal protective equipment (PPE) and follow all safety protocols to minimize the risk of accidents or injuries throughout the construction phase.
We strive to be respectful neighbors. Here's how we minimize impact:
  • Maintaining a clean worksite: We minimize noise and dust by keeping the work area organized and disposing of waste properly.
  • Following work hour guidelines: We adhere to local noise ordinances and work within permitted hours.
  • Open communication: We proactively communicate project details and timelines with your neighbors to minimize disruption.
CLC Landscaping is committed to creating a beautiful and functional outdoor space for you while ensuring a smooth and positive experience throughout the construction process. Feel free to contact us for a free consultation and discuss your dream landscape!