Leaf Removal

Serving New Braunfels, Kyle, San Marcos, Buda, Schertz, and Seguin

Leaf Removal Service in New Braunfels, Buda, San Marcos, TX & Surrounding Areas

Our leaf removal service starts in November and ends in February.

With the fall season underway and the charm of the colorful leaves beginning to wear off as they fall and pile onto your yard, it’s time to dig the rake out of the garage and tackle the dreaded chore of removing them; or, you can let us handle it so that you don’t have to! At CLC Landscaping, our leaf removal service starts in November and ends in February, and we offer it to homeowners in and around New Braunfels, Buda, and San Marcos, TX. First, we’ll blow the leaves into a pile, gathering them on a tarp. Then, we’ll load them up and haul them away so you can enjoy a leaf-free lawn without ever lifting a finger yourself! But wait, don’t stop there – while removing leaves will improve your turf’s health and curb appeal, you can spruce up the rest of your landscape with our yard cleanup service. That way, you can give it much-needed TLC and prepare the rest of your property for the winter.

We Offer Our Leaf Removal Service From November Until February

With fall comes leaves and more leaves, which can continue to pile up in your yard well into the winter. Because of this, we offer our leaf removal service from November, when they fall the heaviest, until February. That way, you can keep leaves off your lawn throughout the entire season and ensure it’s ready for the new growing season.


We recommend scheduling our leaf removal service at least once during the fall, as leaf piles attract pests, create ideal conditions for lawn diseases, and smother your grass.

Our Leaf Removal Process

You can trust that you’ll receive the results you expect with us, namely a lawn free of unsightly leaves. We follow a thorough leaf removal process to remove the leaves, blowing them off your yard and gathering them into a pile on a tarp. Then, we’ll load them up and haul them away. That way, all you’ll have to do is sit back and enjoy the fall season rather than dread it.

Pair leaf removal with our yard cleanup service to spruce up your entire landscape!

While leaf removal is an essential fall service to keep your turf’s health and curb appeal intact, you can go the extra mile and spruce up your entire landscape by pairing it with our yard cleanup service! Not only can we give it much-needed TLC, but it’ll also prepare it for the winter. When you sign up for our fall cleanup service, we can perform a variety of services, including:


  • Debris removal: We’ll remove sticks and other debris on your lawn and in your landscape beds to keep them clear and well-maintained.
  • Landscape bed reshaping: We’ll reshape your landscape beds for a fresh look.
  • Plant trimming: We’ll trim back your plants to prepare them for the winter and give them a neat, shapely appearance.

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Sign up for our leaf removal service to take this dreaded chore off your to-do list!

Take the dreaded chore of removing leaves off your to-do list this fall with our leaf removal service! Here at CLC Landscaping, we’re not afraid to get our hands dirty, and we’ll remove the leaves on your lawn so that it stays healthy and beautiful.

We offer our leaf removal service to residential properties in New Braunfels, Buda, San Marcos, TX, and other nearby areas. Call (830) 264-1732 to sign up and enjoy a leaf-free lawn without the hassle of doing it yourself!