It can be difficult at times to know when exactly your lawn should be fertilized. However, having a reliable and regular fertilization program can help your lawn in New Braunfels, TX receive the correct amount of nutrients at the right time. To give your lawn a chance to thrive throughout the year, it should be fertilized in the early spring, mid to late spring, and summer seasons. Fertilizing in early spring will replenish the nutrients that your lawn used during winter. A fertilization treatment in mid to late spring prepares your lawn for the hot summer ahead. Lastly, fertilization in the summer gives your lawn an “energy boost” that will help guide it through the summer. By signing up for a fertilization program that offers regular treatments throughout the year, you can rest easy knowing your lawn is receiving all of the important nutrients it needs to thrive during the most important seasons.

Fertilization in early spring allows your lawn to recover from the winter months.

Winter can be a very stressful time for your grass in Texas. During the colder months, your lawn uses up many key nutrients and becomes weaker as the weather decreases in temperature.Fertilizing your grass in early spring will supply your lawn with a boost of nutrients to replenish what was used up throughout the winter. Applying fertilizer during this time of the year will give strength back to the roots of your grass and it will help them thrive during the rest of the spring while getting a headstart on preparing for the hot summer months ahead.

Early spring fertilizer treatments should have a higher amount of nitrogen to help turn your brown lawn into a green lawn!

A mid to late spring fertilizer treatment will help your grass prepare for the upcoming harsh summer.

Hot summer weather means increased changes for heat stress and turf disease; that’s why it is so important to give your grass the necessary nutrients to withstand the summer weather. Fertilizing your lawn in mid to late spring gives your grass the chance to prepare for the approaching hot weather. Fertilizer will encourage stronger and deeper roots within your soil, which helps your lawn withstand tough conditions.

Fertilize your lawn in the summer to give your grass a boost of nutrients.

As summer rolls in and the hot weather sets in, your grass will be using up a lot of nutrients to stay strong and healthy. Eventually, it will run out of the extra nutrients that you supplied during the springtime and it will need another boost! Fertilizing your lawn during the summer months will carry it through the tough weather by giving it the strength to fight off issues like turf diseases, dehydration, and heat stress.

A summer fertilizer treatment will keep your soil and the roots of your grass cool and stress-free.

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A regular lawn fertilization treatment schedule will help maintain the beautiful appearance of your grass during the spring, summer, and fall months. Supplying your grass with the right amount of nutrients at the correct time of the year will help your lawn be able to grow, fight off diseases, and stay healthy during the stressful times it may endure.

At CLC Landscaping, we offer a fertilization program that will supply your grass with everything it needs. We have the experience and skills to care for your lawn during the spring, summer, and fall months. We proudly serve residential properties in New Braunfels, TX, as well as surrounding areas like Buda and San Marcos. Call (830) 505-1895 to enroll in our fertilization program today!