We’ve made a very simple Spring Lawn Care San Marcos checklist – so open your tool shed and let’s get to work!

With warm weather coming in full swing it’s time to take your annual spring cleaning to the outdoors! This is our favorite time of year, who doesn’t love cookouts and the warm sun? Plus, everything looks so beautiful here in Central Texas.

Step 1: Clean Debris

Pick up any fallen twigs, branches and leaves. This gives your lawn room to breathe and more sun exposure. Also, this gets rid of any potential hideouts for insects that may damage your lawn. During this time, you can assess the needs of your lawn. Keep an eye out for dead spots or mold that may have grown under the debris. It’s a good idea to save the raking for when the ground is dry as you may tear out the roots of your grass if things are too moist.

Once your lawn is dry, rake up the leaves and remove any grass that may be damaged. We will seed these areas in the next few weeks. It’s okay that they are bare for now. This is an appropriate time for a pre-emergent weed treatment, which we’ve covered in a previous blog.

It’s also an ideal time to prune your trees and shrubs. The winter will most likely have caused some die back on your woody plants, so don’t be afraid to prune those dead areas. Pruning also promotes new growth. If you’re unsure what can be cut, we are more than ready to lend a helping hand.

Step 2: Garden Beds and Softscapes

Maybe it’s just us, but cleaning a flower bed is one of the most satisfying aspects of our work. It goes such a long way in making your landscape really POP! You can’t prevent everything from growing in your beds, so you most likely have some grass or young weeds beginning to pop up. It’s an opportune time to tackle it while growth is limited. Also, it’s a good time to pull out any annuals left over from the previous year.

Rake your beds and pull up anything you don’t want. Most likely you could use some mulch, if you aren’t already mulching, what are you waiting for? Mulch is a lifesaver, it helps prevent weed growth and retains moisture for your plants to grow. It’s a win-win in the landscaping world. If you need help mulching, please get in touch with our office!

Step 3: Patios and Pathways

Let’s get these hardscapes looking good as new! Helpful tools: a broom, gravel (maybe not), and a pressure washer.

Over time the gravel between our walkways gets blown or finds itself in a low spot. Go ahead and sweep the gravel back – it’s not only good for aesthetic purposes but it helps suppress weed growth by blocking the sun from reaching seeds within the soil. This situation may call for some gravel replacement. Once that’s done it’s time to pull out the pressure washer. Now you can get rid of any dirt or leaf stains left on your patio and walkways – it’s incredibly satisfying to watch your walkways suddenly look brand new!

The Benefits of Spring Lawn Care San Marcos

Not only does it get you in the mood for what the summer has in store, it’s an essential “makeover” for your lawn. It gives you a starting place to figure out what your lawn needs. Maybe it’s a fertilizer treatment, seeding, or aeration – you won’t know until you can get a clear picture of your lawn.

If this is something you’d rather not do, and we understand not everyone enjoys landscaping like us, feel free to request a quote or give us a call. If it’s a perfect lawn you want we can help get you there.