With hot summers in San Marcos, to maintain a healthy lawn you need to supplement it with nutrients. Proper watering and a mowing schedule is a great place to start – combine that with proper fertilization and your lawn will have curb appeal to spare! We’ve got an easy-to-follow schedule for San Marcos lawn fertilization for you!

Since every lawn is different, your lawn will need specific nutrients. That can be done on your end with a soil test. It seems complicated, but giving your lawn the incorrect dosage of nutrients can cause unnecessary diseases and stress.

In most cases, we recommend fertilizing at least twice a year. Spring and fall are usually safe bets. If you decide to fertilize yourself, pay close attention to the instructions for application. We do not recommend “winging it” because you might end up with a scorched lawn. If you need help, CLC Landscaping has you covered!

Fertilizing Schedule for Central Texas

This list helps you keep in mind the needs of your lawn during seasonal windows – the best times for San Marcos lawn fertilization are Early Spring and Fall.

1. Early Spring (February – April)

Once you’ve mowed your actively growing lawn once or twice then that is a good sign to fertilize. Your grass has just finished hibernating and could use some help!

2. Late Spring (April – May)

You’re pushing it a little, but it can be done. It could also be useful to apply a weed control during this period.

3. Summer (June – August)

DO NOT fertilize in the dead of summer. Water evaporates too quickly and will leave the fertilizer to burn your grass.

4. Fall (September – early October)

This is a great time to fertilize, because it gives your lawn time to absorb the nutrients and put down deep roots before the frost. DO NOT fertilize right before winter or during as any new growth will just die back, and it will be a waste of fertilizer.

You can print out this schedule and keep it on your fridge as reminder of when to fertilize your lawn:

Do I Need to Call a Pro for San Marcos Lawn Fertilization?

If you’re not exactly sure what your lawn needs or how to apply fertilizer, then it may be a good idea to call for help. Also, some people may feel uncomfortable handling chemicals and that’s understandable.

We prioritize you and your family’s safety as well as our own. Our team is highly trained to diagnose your exact lawn care needs.

We never push something that you don’t need because that’s not how we like to do business. Your lawn is our priority and we take great pride in knowing that you trust us to take care of the job. If you want the best in San Marcos lawn fertilization then look no further, CLC Landscaping has you covered.