Just like us, grass gets excited for when Spring comes around and it’s almost unreal how quickly it grows, especially here in Central Texas. Optimum temperatures and good sunlight is all your grass (initially) needs to get growing. San Marcos lawn mowing is a breeze, once you know what you’ve got to do.

We’re going to go over a couple key practices to keep in mind. Here at CLC Landscaping, we are lawn care experts and these are some of our tried-and-true tips for you to implement at home.

Mower Performance

When was the last time you had the blades of your mower sharpened?

“I didn’t know that was a thing” is the most common answer – you’re not alone.

A dull blade will end up tearing the grass rather than make a clean cut. Clean cuts reduce the chance of disease and brown tips occurring, especially in long-bladed grass like St Augustine.

What’s your mowers’ height setting?

This is essential, as we don’t want to mow more than 1/3rd of the total height of your grass. Mowing more than a 3rd of your grass’ height will encourage more blade growth rather than root development. Having stronger and deeper roots means your grass will be more resistant to drought and other stresses. Many people experience a dry and brown lawn during the hotter months, and in most cases this can be traced back to shallow root growth.

Yes, it’s easier to mow every three weeks and give your yard a buzz cut. Do we recommend it? Absolutely not. A beautiful lawn can never be nurtured from that type of maintenance. It takes consistent mowing to keep your grass at the optimal height for luscious growth. You know better than anyone, grass grows very quick here in San Marcos. Keep your mower in “ready to-go” condition, because you will need it.

San Marcos Lawn Mowing Best Practices

When mowing in San Marcos and Central Texas – there are a couple of good habits to pick up:

Clippings. Clippings. Clippings. Keep them!

Go ahead and remove the grass catcher and spread the clippings across your lawn. That’s less work for you! No more filling bags with clippings and sneezing from the dust when dumping the catcher.

The clippings will decompose and leach into the soil over time, feeding itself! This doesn’t replace fertilizing, but it does lend itself to a greener lawn and healthier soil. Use a rake to evenly spread them and that’s it.

Avoid mowing after rainfall.

Yes it’s possible, but not recommended. The grass will be weighed down from the water making it more difficult to get an even cut – not to mention how often your mower will stop due to clogging.

Also, mowing after a rain will compress the soil from the weight of the mower and your footsteps. Soil compaction makes it more difficult for grass roots to grow. I like to use the example of a dog that runs the same path over and over creating their own little trail. While it’s cute, you most likely won’t get any grass to grow in those areas.

Spring Lawn Care Made EASY

We get it, not everyone is like us, and actually gets enjoyment from mowing. Yes, we watch baseball for the striping on the field. We have expert and dependable team members to care for your lawn. You can have your grass cut as often as you’d like. Say bye to pushing a mower around and sneezing all day. We have you covered – choose CLC Landscaping. We take pride in our work and know you will too.