If you want to enhance your outdoor space in Texas, there are many kinds of hardscapes that you can choose from. However, not all of them boast the perfect combination of style and function quite like retaining walls do. Retaining walls are primarily built for their functionality, which is to combat soil erosion by keeping soil in place. Retaining walls can also turn sloped land into flat, usable space! Retaining walls will also improve the style of your landscape. You can customize them by choosing the perfect material that will either make them stand out or blend in with your landscape design. Keep reading to learn more about how retaining walls are the perfect combination of style and functionality!

The Functional Benefits of Retaining Walls

Retaining walls provide a variety of functional benefits. If your property is built on a slope, adding a retaining wall will help to prevent soil erosion by holding the soil in place against the anchored wall. Forcing the soil to maintain its position ensures natural elements like wind and rain will not easily displace the soil. Your lawn and landscape beds will benefit from this since the nutrients and essential resources found in the soil will not be washed away! What’s more, retaining walls can turn a sloped area into flat, usable space, which you can use any way you like.

Properly installed and expertly designed retaining walls help improve drainage on your property.

Retaining walls can enhance the style of your property.

Retaining walls provide several aesthetic benefits to your landscape and will enhance the overall style of your property. You can customize their appearance by picking the perfect material. There are various material options to choose from, like:

Limestone: This material is a type of sedimentary rock that will create an elegant look for your retaining wall. When you use this material, your retaining walls will look polished and sophisticated! Limestone is known for its bright white color, but it can also come in beige and cream.

Sandstone: A retaining wall made of sandstone can add natural beauty to your landscape. Because this material is created from merged sand grains, choosing this material for your retaining walls helps to add texture to your outdoor area. You can get sandstone in shades of brown, black, tan, or gray.

Bluestone: Bluestone is a natural stone that has been a go-to material for many landscaping projects, and for good reason. Its bluish tone will add a gorgeous element to your property if you choose this material for your retaining wall. It can also come in shades of gray and brown!

With the right material, your retaining wall can stand out or blend in seamlessly with your landscape design. What’s more, the additional usable space created by retaining walls opens endless creative possibilities for you! You can add a patio so you have a designated area to host gatherings or a fire pit to add warmth to your property. If you want to give your landscape a pop of color, the top portion of your retaining wall is perfect for raised planter beds.

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