Mulch is one of the most common ground covers you can add to your landscape beds in Texas. With different types and colors available, mulch will immediately change the look of your entire landscape. Although many people install mulch to enhance the beauty of their landscape beds, mulch provides many more benefits! Mulch acts as an insulation layer to help protect your plants from different temperature changes. Mulch also reduces soil erosion in your landscape beds by reducing the amount of soil that is washed away when it rains. What’s more, mulch will help your soil retain moisture; it will block the sun from evaporating all of the moisture in your soil. A benefit that mulch provides that may be the most important is that it releases nutrients to your soil as it breaks down, which will help your plants become more robust. Mulch may help your landscape beds become a focal point of your property, but the additional benefits that it provides go unmatched!

Mulch protects your plants from temperature changes.

Mulch acts as an insulator, protecting your plants from the temperature changes we experience in Texas. This benefits your plants by keeping their roots warm in the winter and cool in the summer. The mulch will keep the roots from being damaged by the cold and will keep them from getting too much direct sunlight during the hotter months of the year, which could cause stress on your plants.

Installing mulch 2-3 inches thick will ensure that your plants are not being suffocated and that it is thick enough to achieve the desired benefits.

Mulch reduces the chances of soil erosion occurring in your landscape beds.

A proper layer of mulch can provide protection for the soil in your landscape beds. When it rains, the force of the rain can cause the soil to wash away. However, by adding a layer of mulch in your landscape beds, the rain will hit the mulch instead of the soil, preventing the rain from eroding the soil. This will help ensure the roots of your plants aren’t exposed to environmental conditions.

Help your soil retain moisture by installing mulch.

Installing mulch in your landscape beds will help your soil retain more moisture. It will help block the sun from evaporating all of the moisture in your soil, which allows your plants to stay hydrated for longer periods of time. When you shade the soil with mulch, it will help conserve soil moisture and reduce the amount of watering you will need to do on a regular basis.

Mulch can prevent weeds from sprouting in your landscape beds by smothering them and blocking their access to sunlight.

Mulch releases nutrients into your soil as it breaks down.

Mulch is a natural material that degrades over time. As it breaks down, it releases important nutrients to the soil. This process is crucial because it will give your plants more essential nutrients to become healthier and stronger. To ensure the mulch is providing it’s intended benefits to the plants in your landscape beds, you should replenish it once a year.

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