Lawns here in Texas need alternating mowing schedules depending on the season. This is because different seasons bring different needs for your turf. For example, in the spring, your grass will grow at an increased rate, meaning it will need more mowing than it would in the winter when it grows slowly to conserve energy, Ideally, here in New Braunfels, TX, you should mow on a weekly basis from the middle of March to the end of November, Then, when winter returns, you should mow your lawn on a biweekly basis from December to the middle of March. No matter when you mow, you should always follow the 1/3 rule to ensure that you never cut your grass too short! Keep reading to learn more about how often you should be mowing your lawn in New Braunfels, TX.

You should mow your lawn on a weekly basis from March to November.

From the middle of March to the end of November, you should mow your lawn on a weekly basis. This is because during the spring, your grass is waking up after a dormant winter, so it is preparing to grow with the energy it conserved during that period. As a result, you will need to begin to mow it on a weekly basis to keep it from looking unkempt and messy as the grass will grow very quickly.

Your grass will actively grow throughout the growing season, which ends around. Up until winter, weekly mowing should be the norm to maintain your lawn’s manicured look.

Regularly cutting your grass encourages growth.

You should mow your lawn on a bi-weekly basis during the winter.

When winter rolls back around, your lawn will go dormant and stop growing as quickly to conserve energy. However, you shouldn’t quit mowing your lawn just because it needs less maintenance. You should instead adjust your mowing schedule from December to the middle of March to meet your turf’s needs by mowing it on a bi-weekly basis.

If you mow it weekly, you risk cutting it too often and taking too much off, discouraging growth. If you don’t mow at all, your lawn can grow unchecked and look unkempt in the spring.

You should follow the 1/3 rule when mowing your lawn.

No matter how often you mow your lawn, you should always follow the 1/3 rule. This rule is key to encouraging healthy grass growth. The 1/3 rule means that you should never cut more than 1/3 of the grass blade at a time. When you cut more, you risk discouraging growth, and when you cut too little off, you don’t cut enough!

This is the reason why you have to mow so often during the growing season. Your grass grows extremely fast during this period, so to keep it looking fantastic, you need to mow frequently and cut off only a small portion at a time. Similarly, if you mow too often in winter, you risk cutting too much off because the grass grows slower.

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