When mowing your lawn in Texas, you’ll want to avoid common mistakes that will cause damage to the grass. The first common mistake that we see often is cutting the grass in the same direction each time. This can cause ruts, put stress on the grass, and compact the soil. Another common mowing mistake is failing to adjust the mower blade so that it is at a certain height based on your turf type. Lastly, mowing with dull blades is also a common mistake because it can rip and tear your grass. Learn more about these common mowing mistakes and why it is important to avoid them!

1. Mowing Your Lawn in the Same Direction Every Time

It is important to switch up the direction that you mow your lawn each time you do it. Failing to do so can lead to:

  • Ruts in your lawn – When you mow your lawn in the same direction every time, ruts can start to form. This will bring down the curb appeal and lead to other health issues.
  • Compacted soil – When you mow your lawn in the same direction, the weight of the mower can press down on the soil and cause it to compact. When your soil is compacted, nutrients and other resources that your lawn needs to thrive will have a hard time reaching the roots of your grass.
  • Sideways grass growth – Mowing in the same direction every time can encourage the grass to grow in that direction. Switching up the direction will promote upright growth.

This mistake is avoidable by mowing in different directions each time. A professional lawn mowing company will rotate their mowing patterns to ensure that no stress is being put on the grass or your soil.

2. Not Adjusting Your Mowing Height to What’s Best for Your Specific Grass Type

Different grass types require different heights to be at their best. If your grass is cut too short for its type, you can damage the grass and leave it susceptible to things like turf disease. It will also give an opening for weeds to receive more sunlight, which will strengthen them. Your local lawn mowing provider should be aware of the different types of grasses in the New Braunfels, TX area and should adjust the mowing height to accommodate the type on your lawn.

In Texas, some common grasses include St. Augustine and Zoysia, which should be cut to be around 3″ tall.

3. Mowing With Dull Blades

When you mow with dull blades, the grass can rip and tear, causing damage to it. This can make your lawn more susceptible to diseases and your grass blades will look uneven, jagged, and can turn brown. Having a clean-cut lawn promotes healthy and strong grass that can recover quicker. It is also more aesthetically pleasing to see grass cut evenly. Professional lawn mowing companies pay attention to their equipment and routinely perform maintenance to ensure sharp blades on their mowers.

Keep your grass looking its best by scheduling our lawn mowing service!

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