Plants can be beautiful, colorful additions to your landscape that enhance its curb appeal with vibrant life! In Texas, we experience harsh environmental conditions that can be difficult for some plants to survive, but there are others that thrive! Rock rose, purple coneflower, Texas mountain laurel, and Texas sage are native plants that are naturally adapted to the Texas environment and thrive in hot, dry conditions. Rock rose is a resilient shrub that blooms fragrant, colorful flowers. Purple coneflower can easily adapt to different environmental conditions and produces purple, daisy-like flowers. Texas mountain laurel is an evergreen shrub that grows droopy clusters of lavender-colored flowers. Texas sage is a slow-growing shrub that blooms purple flowers at the end of tall stalks. These 4 plants are low maintenance and heat and drought-tolerant, making them perfect, colorful additions to your landscape.

1. Rock Rose

Rock rose is a resilient shrub that can grow and thrive in harsh conditions that a lot of other plants would struggle to grow in. They’re attractive plants that can bloom fragrant pink, white, light purple, or yellow flowers. Rock rose plants don’t need a lot of water but prefer to grow in full sun and deep, well-drained soil, like limestone. Other than that, this type of plant requires little maintenance and blooms colorful flowers rich in nectar, which can attract hummingbirds and butterflies.

2. Purple Coneflower

Another native Texas plant that will thrive in your landscape is the purple coneflower, which blooms pink or purple daisy-like flowers with narrow, droopy petals and has a spiny center. This beautiful plant requires moderate watering and performs best in full sun, but will tolerate partial shade. It can easily adapt to environmental conditions, including extreme heat and drought, and likes dry, well-drained soil, such as sand, limestone, or clay. Its flowers are also commonly used to make herbal tea.

3. Texas Mountain Laurel

The Texas mountain laurel is an evergreen shrub/small tree that produces dark green leaves and droopy clusters of fragrant, appealing lavender flowers. It’s a slow-growing plant that likes full sun or partially shaded areas and needs little watering, making it an easy and attractive addition to your landscape. However, it needs good draining, so it prefers dry, rocky limestone soil.

Texas Mountain Laurels emit a strong fragrance that’s usually compared to the smell of artificial grape products like grape soda.

4. Texas Sage

Texas sage is another slow-growing plant that produces purple/blue flowers on the ends of tall stalks. Along with enhancing your landscape’s curb appeal, these fragrant flowers attract the likes of bees and butterflies. It’s also drought-tolerate and doesn’t need much water to thrive, but prefers well-drained, dry soil like sand, clay, or limestone. It’s happy in full sun or partial shade, and can grow to be about 6 feet tall over time.

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