3 Reasons Why You Should Fertilize Your Lawn During the Spring Season

Spring is just around the corner here in Texas, so it’s time to start thinking about fertilizing your lawn. Spring fertilization is vital to your lawn’s health and appearance for several reasons. First, it replenishes the nutrients your turf used during the winter and helps it back bounce from the cold weather. Second, spring fertilization helps prepare it for the hot summer months so it is strong enough to withstand the heat. You’ll also want to make sure your spring fertilizer contains nitrogen to help promote the growth, vibrancy, and strength of your grass. Keep reading to learn more about why you should fertilize your lawn during the spring season!

1. Spring fertilization will give your lawn a replenishment of nutrients after the winter season.

When the winter rolls around, your lawn enters a dormant state to survive the cold conditions. Because it consists of warm-season grass, it has a hard time during this season and stores a plethora of nutrients to use throughout to survive. When spring arrives, your grass will need a replenishment of the nutrients it used, which is one of the reasons why you should fertilize during this season. These nutrients will help your lawn bounce back from the cold and strengthen up for the spring, promoting quick green-up, deep root systems, and healthy growth. That way, it can start the new growing season off on the right foot.

2. Spring fertilization will help your lawn strengthen up for the warmer months.

The summer heat can be stressful on your lawn, so if it isn’t strong enough ahead of the season, it could become weak and lose its vibrant color. When this happens, your turf can become more susceptible to lawn diseases and insect infestations. Because of this, you’ll want to fertilize your lawn in the spring. Spring fertilization will give it the nutrients it needs to strengthen up and fuel healthy growth in preparation for the summer so that it can survive the season. After all, a stronger turf has a better chance of combatting the adverse effects of heat and drought and staying healthy throughout the summer.

3. Your lawn needs a lot of nitrogen in the spring season!

One of the most important nutrients in lawn fertilizer is nitrogen, so you’ll want to make sure you use one packed with it this spring! Nitrogen is a key component in giving your lawn its bright green color, as it aids in producing chlorophyll. Chlorophyll then promotes photosynthesis, which feeds your lawn and encourages its verdancy. Nitrogen also helps to make proteins for your grass, giving it density and fullness. This nutrient is crucial for spring fertilization, as it makes your lawn look great from the start rather than it being thin, patchy, and yellow!

Two other key nutrients in fertilizers are phosphorus and potassium. Phosphorus encourages deep root growth while potassium makes your lawn more resilient to stressors.

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