With the warm weather here in Texas, an irrigation system is vital to making sure your grass and plants get all the water they need to thrive. There are two types of irrigation systems you should consider for your property: a sprinkler irrigation system and a drip irrigation system. Sprinkler irrigation systems consist of a series of sprinkler heads that are spread out in your lawn and landscape beds and spray water to larger areas. Drip irrigation systems consist of small pipes that drip water to the roots of specific plants. Both types of irrigation systems are extremely useful, and the system you choose depends entirely on the needs of your property.

Sprinkler irrigation systems provide water to large areas of your lawn and landscape beds.

Sprinklers are the most traditional way to water your grass and plants. When installing sprinklers, professionals will typically place sprinkler heads all around your lawn and landscape beds to make sure that every part of your yard gets watered. The sprinkler heads are usually very discreet and pop up out of the ground when it’s time to water your vegetation and then recede back into the ground afterward. Professionals will assign each sprinkler head to a specific zone in your yard and calibrate the system to make sure it’s dispensing the correct amount of water so your turf isn’t getting too much or too little.

Drip irrigation systems make sure your plants get the water they need to thrive.

Drip irrigation systems provide a more targeted way to make sure water is getting to your plants. Just like the name implies, drip irrigation systems use gravity to drip water to the roots of your plants. Professionals install small pipes across sections of your landscape beds to supply water to the specific areas that need it. Drip irrigation systems use less water than traditional sprinkler systems, but professionals will make sure they are delivering exactly the right amount to your plants so they get all the hydration they need to thrive.

Which irrigation system should you choose?

You can’t go wrong with either a sprinkler irrigation system or a drip irrigation system. The system you choose will come down to your property’s needs. If you’re looking to water your entire lawn and landscape with an irrigation system, you’ll want to opt for sprinklers. A sprinkler irrigation system is best for watering large areas since the evenly distributed sprinkler heads cover lots of ground and make sure your whole property is getting the water it needs.

A drip irrigation system is best if you’re looking to water a smaller part of your property, such as your landscape beds or gardens. Drip irrigation systems provide water to specific plants and deliver it directly to the roots so they get the hydration they need. These systems also tend to be more water-efficient, so your water bill will end up being lower with a drip irrigation system. Drip irrigation systems also don’t cause any runoff, so all the water will be going to your plants instead of going to waste.

Both sprinkler and drip irrigation systems can be controlled remotely from your smartphone, making it easy for you to adjust them.

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