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Adding a beautiful rock ground covering to your landscape beds is a great way to protect your plants and help them thrive. We offer our rock installation service in New Braunfels, Buda, San Marcos, and surrounding areas in Texas. We’ll first prepare your landscape beds for a fresh, new layer of gravel rock for landscaping. We’ll then install our rocks by hand, so your plants will receive all the health benefits of a proper ground cover including protection from weeds, soil erosion, and extreme temperatures. We offer a wide variety of rocks for you to choose from, so you can select an option that meets your style preferences.

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Our rock installation service is a great way to add the natural beauty of rocks to your landscape beds. The beauty and durability of stones will ensure your landscape beds will look great for a long time. We offer various rock options, so you can choose an option that will match the style of your property perfectly! The types of rock we install include:

clc-tx: River-Rock

River rock

These well-rounded rocks, available in various colors and sizes, can add color and interest to your landscape beds.

clc-tx: Crushed-limestone

Crushed limestone

One of the most versatile rocks for construction and landscaping, crushed limestone is available in various colors and sizes.

clc-tx: Granite


While widely available in a dark charcoal gray, granite is also available in tan or brown shades that blend well with a natural landscape.

clc-tx: Texas-black-rock

Texas black rock

With a dark grey appearance that turns black when wet, Texas black rock is a great way to give your landscape beds a distinct appearance that highlights the plants throughout your beds.


At CLC Landscaping, we take pride in a meticulous installation process of gravel or black rock for landscaping that ensures a beautiful and functional result for your landscape. Here’s what you can expect:

clc-tx: Thorough Preparation

Thorough Preparation

We begin by removing any existing rocks or ground coverings to avoid any clash with your new design. Additionally, we'll meticulously clear your landscape beds of debris, creating a clean and level surface for the new rock.

clc-tx: Expert Installation

Expert Installation

Once the groundwork is complete, our professionals will expertly install your chosen gravel or black rock. This ensures a visually appealing finish that complements your plants and enhances your outdoor space.

clc-tx: Plant Benefits

Plant Benefits

Our rock installations go beyond aesthetics. The placement of rocks optimizes drainage and helps suppress weeds, creating a healthier environment for your plants to thrive.

clc-tx: Satisfaction Guaranteed

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We stand by the quality of our work. If you're not completely satisfied with your rock installation, we'll return and fix it free of charge.


clc-tx: We Install Rock Ground Coverings By Hand


At CLC Landscaping, we know a thing or two about keeping our gardens healthy under the hot sun. A well-maintained layer of ground cover is a game-changer for your landscape beds. It acts like a shield, protecting your precious plants from pesky weeds that steal water and nutrients. It also helps regulate soil temperature, keeping things cool for your plants’ roots during scorching summers and insulating in the winter. Now, when it comes to rock installation, we take a meticulous, hands-on approach. We spread the rock layer ourselves, ensuring a consistent depth of two to three inches. This “sweet spot” allows for maximum weed suppression while still allowing air, water, and sunlight to reach your plants’ roots. We’re also careful to leave breathing room around the base of your plants, preventing root smothering and promoting healthy growth. Let CLC Landscaping give your plants the foundation they need to thrive!



We are happy to help you select the perfect rocks for your Texas landscape. Here at CLC, we consider factors like desired aesthetics, functionality (drainage, walkways), and Texas' climate (heat resistance) to create a cohesive and low-maintenance design. To give you the best recommendations, we'd love to chat about your vision for your outdoor space. Contact CLC Landscaping today for a free consultation!
At CLC Landscaping, we ensure you get the perfect amount of rock for your Texas project. Here's how:
  • Measure and Multiply: We meticulously measure your designated area's length and width to determine the square footage.
  • Depth Matters: We factor in your desired rock depth, considering factors like drainage and plant needs.
  • Rock Expertise: Knowing the chosen rock's size and bulking factor (fill space per unit) allows us to calculate the precise quantity needed.
This meticulous approach ensures you receive enough rock for a complete and visually appealing landscape while avoiding excess material and unnecessary costs. Contact CLC Landscaping today for a free quote and rock assessment!
We offer a warranty on both the rocks we provide and the installation itself. The specific warranty terms will vary depending on the type of rock chosen and the installation project details. However, you can be confident that our warranty protects against defects in the rocks themselves and ensures proper installation techniques are followed. For complete peace of mind, we recommend scheduling a free consultation with a CLC Landscaping professional. We'll discuss your project, answer any questions you have about our warranty, and provide a detailed quote outlining the specific terms. Contact us today to get started!
At CLC Landscaping, proper site preparation is key to a beautiful and long-lasting rock installation in your Texas landscape. Here's a general overview of our process:
  • Consultation and Design: We start by discussing your project and finalizing the rock selection and placement plan.
  • Calling Before Digging: We contact utility locating services to ensure safe underground cable and pipe avoidance.
  • Excavation (if needed): Depending on your design, we may need to remove existing vegetation or level uneven areas to create a stable base for the rocks.
  • Edge Installation (optional): For pathways or borders, we may install edging materials to confine the rocks and prevent them from spreading.
  • Weed Barrier: We lay down a weed barrier to suppress unwanted plant growth and maintain a clean look.
This thorough preparation ensures your rocks settle properly, creating a visually appealing and functional addition to your Texas outdoor space. Contact CLC Landscaping today for a free consultation and let our experts handle the preparation for a stress-free rock installation!
CLC Landscaping can help you incorporate rocks seamlessly into your existing landscape design. Here are some ways to get started:
  • Consider Functionality: Rocks can add beauty and purpose. Use them to create pathways, borders around flower beds, or for drainage solutions.
  • Think Style: Choose rocks that complement your existing aesthetic. Sandstone complements natural settings, while bolder colors can add a modern touch.
  • Start Small: Don't overwhelm your space. Begin with a rock garden or pathway edging, and see how it integrates before expanding.
  • Work with Plantings: Rocks and plants create a harmonious duo. Use smaller rocks as mulch alternatives or accentuate larger rocks with colorful flowers.
For personalized guidance, contact CLC Landscaping today! We offer free consultations where our experts will assess your existing landscape and create a customized rock incorporation plan that enhances your outdoor space. Let's turn your vision into reality!
Rock installation timelines can vary depending on project size and complexity. However, we can provide a general timeframe! For smaller rock beds or pathways, installation can often be completed within a day. Larger projects involving extensive areas or intricate designs may take several days. Our team will carefully assess your project scope during a free consultation to provide a more accurate timeframe specific to your needs. We prioritize clear communication and keeping you informed throughout the installation process. Contact CLC Landscaping today to discuss your project and get a personalized estimate!
CLC Landscaping offers comprehensive rock solutions for your Texas project. We take the hassle out of acquiring and installing your chosen rock. Our services include:
  • Rock Selection Assistance: Our team will assist you in finding the perfect rock for your needs and aesthetic preferences.
  • Delivery: We ensure safe and efficient transportation of your chosen rock directly to your project site.
  • Professional Installation: Our experienced crew will meticulously install the rocks according to your project's design and specifications.
This all-in-one approach saves you time, and effort, and ensures a professional, long-lasting outcome. Contact CLC Landscaping today for a free consultation and quote!
CLC Landscaping prides itself on creating unique and personalized landscapes in Texas. We offer a wide range of customization options for rock placement and arrangement to suit your vision and functionality needs. Here are some ways we can customize your rock feature:
  • Rock Selection: We offer a variety of colors, textures, and sizes to create a look that complements your existing landscape and style.
  • Placement Patterns: From natural, cascading arrangements to formal, geometric designs, our team can create a layout that enhances your outdoor space.
  • Functionality: We strategically place rocks to achieve specific goals, like creating walkways, borders, or drainage areas.
During a free consultation, our landscape professionals will work with you to understand your preferences and create a customized rock placement plan that brings your dream Texas landscape to life. Contact CLC Landscaping today to discuss your vision and get started!
  • Minimal Weeding: We recommend occasional hand-pulling of weeds that sprout through the rock layer.
  • Top-Dressing (optional): Over time, the top layer of rocks may settle or become displaced by foot traffic. We can offer top-dressing services to replenish the rock and maintain a consistent aesthetic.
  • Seasonal Cleaning: A simple hosing down with a garden hose can remove dust, dirt, and minor debris buildup, especially after heavy rains.
CLC Landscaping also offers maintenance packages to ensure your rock features continue to look their best year-round. Contact us today to discuss your project and explore our maintenance options!
At CLC Landscaping, providing a detailed cost estimate for rock installation upfront is a bit tricky! Here's why:
  • Project Specificity: Rock installations vary greatly. The size of your project, rock selection, and desired features all impact the cost.
  • Material Fluctuations: Rock prices can fluctuate depending on market rates and the chosen type.
However, we can help! Here's what we recommend:
  • Free Consultation: Our landscape professionals will visit your site, discuss your vision, and measure the area.
  • Transparent Cost Breakdown: Based on your project details, we'll provide a detailed cost breakdown that includes material costs, labor estimates, and any additional service fees.
Contact CLC Landscaping today to schedule your free consultation and get started on creating your dream landscape!


Schedule our rock installation service to give those landscape beds around your property the distinct appearance you’ve always wanted. We offer rock Installation services for landscaping to homeowners in New Braunfels, Buda, San Marcos, or a surrounding area in Texas. Call us today at (830) 420-0778 to schedule a consultation!
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