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Irrigation systems are a complex network of parts that must work properly to ensure plants get the water they need to thrive. If your irrigation system isn’t working properly, your plants will suffer. Our landscape irrigation repair service will quickly fix any issues your irrigation system may be experiencing so we can get it back to operating at peak efficiency. We can repair any irrigation system component, including faulty valves, broken pipes, inoperative solenoids, and broken sprinkler heads. We can repair any irrigation system, even if we didn’t install it initially. You can also schedule our water irrigation sprinkler system repair service and have us update components throughout your system to hydrate your plants more efficiently, saving you money. We offer this service in New Braunfels, Buda, San Marcos, and surrounding areas in Texas. Call us at (830) 505-1895 to schedule our irrigation repair service so your plants stay hydrated.
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A malfunctioning irrigation system can quickly threaten the health of your landscape. At CLC Landscaping, we understand the urgency of getting your system back on track. Our irrigation repair service addresses many issues, ensuring your plants receive the vital water they need.

Our experienced technicians have tackled all sorts of irrigation problems over the years. Here are some of the common repairs we can handle efficiently:

Faulty Valves

Malfunctioning valves can disrupt water flow throughout your system. We can diagnose and repair faulty valves or recommend replacements when necessary.

Broken Pipes

Leaks from damaged pipes waste water and can cause uneven watering. We locate and repair broken pipes to restore proper water pressure and distribution.

Frayed Wiring

Electrical issues can disrupt communication between the controller and sprinkler zones. We can identify and repair frayed or damaged wiring to ensure proper system operation.

Inoperable Solenoids

Solenoids control the opening and closing of valves. We can diagnose and replace faulty solenoids to restore water flow to specific zones.

Broken or Misadjusted Sprinkler Heads

Clogged, damaged, or misaligned sprinkler heads can lead to uneven watering or waste. We can repair or replace broken heads and adjust them for optimal coverage.


No matter who installed your irrigation system, CLC Landscaping is here to help for any issue you are facing. Our licensed irrigation professionals have the expertise to diagnose and repair any issue with your system, regardless of brand or age.

We understand the importance of a properly functioning irrigation system for a healthy and beautiful landscape. Here’s what you can expect from CLC Landscaping’s irrigation repair services:

clc-tx: Expert Diagnosis

Expert Diagnosis

Our highly trained technicians can identify the root cause of any problem with your irrigation system.

clc-tx: Licensed Professionals

Licensed Professionals

Our irrigation work is performed by technicians with a Texas Commission on Environmental Quality irrigation license, guaranteeing quality and adherence to regulations.

clc-tx: Brand Agnostic Repairs

Brand Agnostic Repairs

We service all irrigation system brands, ensuring you receive the best care regardless of the system's origin.

clc-tx: Fast and Reliable Repairs

Fast and Reliable Repairs

We understand the importance of a functioning irrigation system, and our team will work swiftly to get your system back up and running efficiently.

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Your Questions: Answered!


Our experienced technicians can repair a wide variety of irrigation systems, including:
  • In-ground sprinkler systems (traditional and rotary)
  • Drip irrigation systems
  • Micro irrigation systems
  • Irrigation controllers
Absolutely! We understand that a malfunctioning irrigation system can waste water and damage your landscape. CLC Landscaping offers emergency repair services to get your system back up and running as soon as possible.
Regular maintenance is key to preventing future problems. We can recommend a maintenance schedule tailored to your specific system and provide tips on proper system operation.
For minor issues, you can try:
  • Checking for clogged sprinkler heads and cleaning them.
  • Adjusting sprinkler heads for proper coverage.
  • Replacing worn-out sprinkler heads.
However, for more complex problems or those involving electrical components, it's always best to call a professional to avoid further damage or injury.
Ideally, irrigation systems should be inspected and maintained twice a year, before the start and end of the irrigation season. This helps ensure optimal performance and prevents potential problems.
Several issues can necessitate irrigation repairs, such as:
  • Leaky pipes or sprinkler heads
  • Clogged valves or emitters
  • Malfunctioning timers or controllers
  • Broken wires or damaged control panels
Yes, our team is equipped to handle irrigation repairs for both residential and commercial properties. We have the experience and expertise to address the specific needs of any irrigation system size and complexity.
Yes, CLC Landscaping can assess your existing irrigation system and recommend upgrades or replacements if necessary. We offer water-efficient technologies and system designs to save you money on water bills and promote sustainable landscaping.
If you suspect a leak, turn off the water supply to your irrigation system at the shut-off valve. Look for visible signs of water pooling or damp areas around sprinkler heads or pipes. You can also listen for hissing sounds that might indicate a leak. Contact CLC Landscaping for a professional diagnosis and repair.
Yes, CLC Landscaping offers customizable irrigation system maintenance plans. These plans provide peace of mind by ensuring your system receives regular checkups, adjustments, and cleaning, helping to prevent future breakdowns and extend the lifespan of your irrigation system.


If you feel your irrigation system is not operating as it should, it’s time to call us. We offer our irrigation repair service to homeowners in New Braunfels, Buda, San Marcos, or surrounding areas in Texas. Call us at (830) 505-1895 for more information about a lawn sprinkler system repair cost and our landscape irrigation repair service. We’ll come to your property and quickly identify the problem to get your irrigation system operating at peak efficiency.
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