Lawn Care Guidelines

    We will set up your schedule for weekly or bi-weekly lawn services when you choose a lawn care plan. The service date that is set up for you will stay the same from a month-to-month basis unless we notify you of any scheduling changes.


    We offer year-round service, beginning in spring and continuing throughout the winter.


    Certain times slots aren’t guaranteed because of an ever-expanding schedule but, we are happy to work with you through scheduling conflicts. Our lawn care and maintenance teams are available to work Monday through Friday.


    We will maintain a monthly schedule throughout the winter season. Any adjustment to your schedule can be made by contacting our office by 12 pm (2) business days before your next service.


    Ready to Schedule?

    Contact our office by 12 pm the day before your scheduled service to guarantee a service change. If your regular service day is Monday, we must be notified by 12 pm on Friday.

    You can reach us by telephone or by filling out the contact form under the contacts tab. We are happy to speak with you and answer any questions you may have. Our hours of operation are Monday through Friday, from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.


    Phone: 830-515-2002

    • We bill your card on file 1-2 business days after service automatically
    • We accept all major credit/debit cards including MasterCard, Visa, Amex, and Discover.
    • If a card is declined we’ll contact you for new card information.
    • We will notify you via email unless you do not have one on file.
    • Failure to render payment will result in termination of future services & possible collection efforts

    You can always access your account balance, update your card information, and view payment history here.

    We have a 24 hour Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are not happy with your lawn please notify us within 24 hours of service. We will send someone back out to correct the issue, as the schedule allows. We will only correct the services offered within our guidelines.

    We will notify you if we are experiencing any delays within your route.


    We mow in the rain unless it is a continuous downpour. We will pick up the schedule where we left off when the rain lets up, only if your lawn is not overly saturated. If necessary Saturday’s and possibly Sunday’s may be utilized in order to complete the week’s schedule. If a continuous downpour of rain does not allow for us to catch up your service for that week may be skipped and would resume on the following scheduled mow date.

    The 24 hour satisfaction guarantee covers only that which is within our scope of work.


    Example: Mowing, weed-eating, edging and blowing areas clean. It does not extend to items that are damaged due to normal wear and tear, items that may have a preexisting condition or any damages caused by weather and/or environment.

    Overgrown lawns are considered to be six inches or higher. If at any time crews arrive at the property and encounter an overgrown lawn an Overgrown Fee of DOUBLE or in some cases TRIPLE your regular rate will be applied.


    (Note: Overgrown fee is determined based on the height and time estimated to complete the extra work.)

    You are allowed 2 skips from March  – December and a Winter Skip program is available upon request during the months December – March.


    (Note: 48 hour notice is required for all schedule changes.)


    If you want to request a skip, the office will need to be notified by 12 PM (2) business days before your scheduled service to ensure the service is removed from the route. If the crew arrives and your property was already serviced, or if the crews are told not to perform the service a Trip Fee will be applied & billed to the card on file.

    • Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly customers agree to a minimum of 6 mows.
    • Cancellation prior to the 6th mow will result in an early cancellation fee charged to the card on file.
    • Why? We need time to “learn the lawn” and likely the first few times we will spend a bit more time inviting in your property to make sure we give you the best service possible.
    • You may cancel service at any time, once the 6 mow minimum has been met.

    If you have a lock on your gate, please have it unlocked on your mow day. If we are unable to access your backyard the full charge will still apply.


    (Note: Complimentary combination locks are available upon request.)


    If we cannot gain access to your backyard on more than two occasions, you will be charged a Return Fee if you request the crews to go back out to complete the service as locked gates are NOT included in the 24-hour satisfaction guarantee.


    (Note: Full service charge still applies if we only service front yard)

    We prefer that all your pets be kept indoors and all gates unlocked on your mow day. Our crews are very careful about closing gates before they leave, but we do not guarantee that a pet will not escape from the yard, therefore you are accepting our service with this provision. (Note: CLC Landscaping LLC. is not responsible for lost or injured pets.)


    If we encounter excessive pet waste on your property, an additional fee may be added to your invoice to account for additional time and equipment. Ask about our Pet waste removal today!


    If we cannot service the backyard on more than two occasions due to pets in the yard you will be charged a Return Fee if you request the crews to go back out to complete service as redo’s due to pets in the yard which are not included in the 24 hour satisfaction guarantee.


    (Note: Full-service charge still applies if we only service the front yard.)

    All wiring must be protected or underground. Example: A/C unit, lighting, electrical devices, phone and cable lines, and PVC pipes, etc.


    CLC Landscaping LLC. will not be responsible for any damage to exposed sprinkler lines, plastic landscape lighting, dog fence lines, and other items that might touch the mower blades or wheel.


    Always protect your plants with defined borders. You can always contact our offices at 830-515-2002 for some designs/pricing for elegant landscape borders.


    Line Trimmers (weed-eaters) can rotate up to 14,000 rpm. This can cause marks on fences, posts and many other items over time. Our crews will work carefully to prevent any damages from occurring. However, it is the homeowner’s responsibility to place a defined and protective border to prevent any damage from occurring.

    Our rates may change annually up to 4% which allows us to keep up with the ever-changing market and cost of labor.


    (Note: We pay on average $3.00/hr more than the competition to get the best guys that care about your lawn!)

    You grant CLC Landscaping LLC. the absolute right and permission, now and in the future, to publish, copyright and use photographs and/or video taken of your home and/or property etc. You can opt-out of this if you prefer by contacting our office at 830-515-2002.

    CLC Landscaping LLC. will not rent or sell your information to a third party. Information gathered will only be used to reply back to you, in regards to the reason you contacted us.