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Q: How do I know that my lawn is being completed even when I am not home?

A: We believe in Technology and with the help of GPS and our super awesome mobile app Service AutoPilot we are able to see exactly where our crews park, what time they arrived on your property, and the time spent on your property. We can even take pictures and upload them to your job and account!

Q: How do I pay for my services?

A: Either sign up for Auto-Pay via Credit/Debit Card or you can always do it the hard way and send us a check

Q: Do yall have insurance?

A: We sure do, General Liabilty insurance and Workers Comp to make sure that not only your family and home are protected, but our team and equipment is also protected and safe.

Q: What if I have pets

A: No problem, we love your furry friends and we love shutting your gate even more! We will even pick up your dogs poop…for a small additional charge.

Q: Can I pay monthly?

A: You sure can! Simply leave a card on file and let us know you would like to be billed monthly.

Q: How much is lawn care?

A: Our lawn care services vary based on what you would like us do whether it is just mow, edge, and blow, or you can upgrade and have your plants trimmed, and weeds treated too. Our lawn care pricing is based on your yard’s total square footage.

Q: Do you really only use push mowers?

A: On all lawns less than 10,000sqft we use only a gentle push mower. Bagging your clippings can also be an option for a small additional fee.

Q: Will y’all really comeback to fix something even if I just wasn’t satisfied with the job?

A: Try Us! The 150% Satisfaction Guarantee is Free & Real

Q: How often do yall come?

A: You get to choose! Either choose weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly all priced within your personal estimate

Q: What about the Winter?

A: We will automatically only come out once a month starting the week of December 15th and then we will automatically return to your normal schedule the last week in March. -OR- You can sign up for our completely free, no questions, asked, Rye Grass! Do you want a green lawn in the winter? We do! "Rye Grass Overseed Video"

Q: What does CLC stand for?

A: We get a lot of complaints of guys that no-show or don’t communicate or tell you they’re going to show up one day and then they show up a week later. We don’t do that you will not have to babysit us to get your job done. CLC originally stands for Chad’s lawn care that was my original lawn care business.

Q: What does “Don’t babysit our competitors, just call CLC” mean?

A: We hear a lot of complaints of other companies and guys that no-show or don’t communicate, or tell you they’re going to show up one day and then they show up a week later. That’s not us! You will not have to babysit us to get your job done and done right.

Q: How can I get the weeds out of my yard?

A: CLC landscaping offers a complete turf management program starting at $31.00/month based on your lawns with a 1 year agreement and includes all of the needed child and pet friendly chemical treatments which include 7 visits a year with an 8th visit if needed.

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