3 Frequently Asked Questions About Our Company & Services

Our team at CLC Landscaping helps homeowners enhance their lawn’s health and appearance. We provide lawn care, landscaping, hardscaping, and irrigation services for residential properties in New Braunfels, Buda, San Marcos, TX, and nearby areas. We want our clients to have trust and confidence when they work with us, so we’re going to answer some frequently asked questions about our company and services! Keep reading to learn what makes our team different, what you can expect when you sign up with us, and what best describes our services.

1. What makes CLC Landscaping different?

Here at CLC Landscaping, we take pride in our team, and they make us different. That’s because we hire our team based on core values, so you can rest assured that when we work on your lawn, we’re committed to giving you excellent customer service and top-notch results. We also train our team and equip them with the proper, up-to-date skills and knowledge to ensure they know everything there is to know to keep your grass in its best shape. Part of our team is our dedicated account specialists, who will work closely with you to ensure that you are always kept in the loop and completely satisfied with our work.

Another thing that sets us apart is the equipment we use. We use high-quality electric equipment that allows us to not only do our jobs well but also eliminate a lot of downtime due to repairs and breaks. What’s more, we specialize in residential properties so we can concentrate on perfecting our craft and help homeowners achieve a lush lawn and property that they can be proud of.

Our mission is to provide you with life-enhancing experiences through our lawn care and landscaping services.

2. What can I expect when I sign up?

When you sign up for any of our services, you can expect consistency and convenience. Signing up with our team is effortless and almost as easy as signing up for a Netflix account! We want you to have a hassle-free experience when you work with us, and that’s exactly what you’ll get. Our helpful and friendly account specialists are more than happy to talk to you, assist you, and answer your questions so you have a seamless experience with us.

No matter the service you schedule with us, you can expect that you get what you pay for. We will consistently show up on time every time, and if we won’t, we’ll let you know!

3. What are 3 words that describe your lawn care services?

Simple. Consistent. Effortless. These are the best words that describe our lawn care services. These are the words that are the frontline of what we focus on, and every day we strive to continuously prove that to our clients. When you hire our team to take care of your lawn care needs, you can leave everything to us. All you have to do is enjoy your lush, thriving lawn!

Call us today to sign up for our lawn care and landscaping services!

Here at CLC Landscaping, we provide professional lawn care and landscaping services to residential properties in New Braunfels, Buda, San Marcos, TX, and nearby areas. Our team puts our customers first, and we will ensure that your needs and goals are always met. Give us a call today at (830) 264-1732 to sign up for any of our services.

Have Armyworms Infested Your Lawn? Don’t Panic! Here’s What to Do!

Armyworms are common lawn insects here in Texas that can harm your grass and diminish its curb appeal. These little pests march across your lawn in the summer months and eat your grass as they go, leaving it brown, thin, and patchy; it may look like it was affected by heat or drought. If you have an armyworm infestation on your lawn, don’t panic! You can schedule a professional curative treatment to eliminate the infestation, then help it recover with lawn care services like fertilization, aeration, and overseeding. However, you’ll also want to schedule a preventative treatment next year to keep armyworms from invading your lawn again.

What are armyworms, and what kind of damage can they do to your lawn?

Armyworms are a type of caterpillar and usually green, brown, or black with little stripes across their body. Armyworms move in large groups, hence the “army” part of their name. These lawn insects are highly destructive and become most active during the late summer, feeding on your grass blades. As armyworms work their way through your lawn, it will look as though it was affected by heat or drought. However, there are a couple of ways to differentiate between symptoms of drought and an armyworm infestation. For example, these insects will make the grass blades look chewed, parts of your lawn will start to appear thinner, and you may see bare or browning patches.

You can schedule a curative treatment to eliminate an armyworm infestation and lawn care services to help your lawn recover.

If your lawn is suffering from an armyworm infestation, you’ll want to call your local lawn care professionals immediately and schedule a curative treatment. This treatment will eliminate the infestation, stopping them from further damaging your lawn. However, it won’t reverse the damage it already sustained, so you’ll also want to schedule lawn care services to help it recover. These services include the following:

  • Fertilization: Fertilization will give your lawn a boost of all the nutrients it needs, including nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, to help it rebuild its strength, health, and verdancy after an armyworm infestation.
  • Aeration: Aeration will break down any compacted soil, helping nutrients and resources like water, air, and sunlight to reach the roots of your grass. With improved access to everything it needs, your lawn can recover quicker after an infestation.
  • Overseeding: Overseeding will help fill any patchy parts of your lawn caused by armyworms with new grass.

You can schedule a preventative treatment next year to keep armyworms from infesting your lawn again.

If your lawn was infested with armyworms this year, there’s a good chance they’ll try to return next year, too. Because of this, you’ll want to schedule a preventative armyworm treatment to prevent these pests from infesting and damaging your lawn again. That way, it saves both you and your grass the hassle of dealing with another armyworm infestation.

Some armyworm treatments are effective against other insects, such as chinch bugs, fleas, chiggers, ticks, spiders, ants, and more.

Schedule our armyworm control service to eliminate an infestation and prevent another in the future!

At CLC Landscaping, we want to help you keep your lawn safe from armyworms, which is why we offer our armyworm control service. Our armyworm control treatments are both curative and preventative, so not only can we eliminate an infestation from your lawn but also prevent another for up to 9 months! That way, you don’t have to worry about these lawn-destroying insects again.

We provide our armyworm control service to residential property owners in New Braunfels, TX, as well as the nearby areas, like Buda and San Marcos. Call us at (830) 264-1732 to schedule our armyworm control service today!

3 Reasons Why You Should Fertilize Your Lawn During the Spring Season

Spring is just around the corner here in Texas, so it’s time to start thinking about fertilizing your lawn. Spring fertilization is vital to your lawn’s health and appearance for several reasons. First, it replenishes the nutrients your turf used during the winter and helps it back bounce from the cold weather. Second, spring fertilization helps prepare it for the hot summer months so it is strong enough to withstand the heat. You’ll also want to make sure your spring fertilizer contains nitrogen to help promote the growth, vibrancy, and strength of your grass. Keep reading to learn more about why you should fertilize your lawn during the spring season!

1. Spring fertilization will give your lawn a replenishment of nutrients after the winter season.

When the winter rolls around, your lawn enters a dormant state to survive the cold conditions. Because it consists of warm-season grass, it has a hard time during this season and stores a plethora of nutrients to use throughout to survive. When spring arrives, your grass will need a replenishment of the nutrients it used, which is one of the reasons why you should fertilize during this season. These nutrients will help your lawn bounce back from the cold and strengthen up for the spring, promoting quick green-up, deep root systems, and healthy growth. That way, it can start the new growing season off on the right foot.

2. Spring fertilization will help your lawn strengthen up for the warmer months.

The summer heat can be stressful on your lawn, so if it isn’t strong enough ahead of the season, it could become weak and lose its vibrant color. When this happens, your turf can become more susceptible to lawn diseases and insect infestations. Because of this, you’ll want to fertilize your lawn in the spring. Spring fertilization will give it the nutrients it needs to strengthen up and fuel healthy growth in preparation for the summer so that it can survive the season. After all, a stronger turf has a better chance of combatting the adverse effects of heat and drought and staying healthy throughout the summer.

3. Your lawn needs a lot of nitrogen in the spring season!

One of the most important nutrients in lawn fertilizer is nitrogen, so you’ll want to make sure you use one packed with it this spring! Nitrogen is a key component in giving your lawn its bright green color, as it aids in producing chlorophyll. Chlorophyll then promotes photosynthesis, which feeds your lawn and encourages its verdancy. Nitrogen also helps to make proteins for your grass, giving it density and fullness. This nutrient is crucial for spring fertilization, as it makes your lawn look great from the start rather than it being thin, patchy, and yellow!

Two other key nutrients in fertilizers are phosphorus and potassium. Phosphorus encourages deep root growth while potassium makes your lawn more resilient to stressors.

Call us today to schedule our fertilization program!

At CLC Landscaping, we want to help keep your lawn looking beautiful and healthy year-round, which is why we offer our fertilization program! We will fertilize your lawn several times throughout the year, including the spring to help it emerge from winter dormancy and prepare for the summer months. What’s more, we use a nitrogen-rich spring fertilizer to boost its vibrant green color! Our program also includes weed control treatments and lawn disease control treatments, so your lawn will be in good hands with our professionals!

We offer our fertilization program to residential properties in New Braunfels, Buda, San Marcos, and the nearby areas in Texas. Call us at (830) 243-6805 to schedule our fertilization program today!

Spring Cleanups Can Benefit the Health & Curb Appeal of Your Property

Spring is fast approaching here in Texas, which means it’s time to start thinking about how to get your property back in shape. A spring cleanup may be the answer. Spring cleanups benefit both the health and curb appeal of your property in several ways. For example, it’ll remove everything that blocks resources from reaching your lawn, such as debris and leaves, improving its access to everything it needs to thrive. Similarly, spring cleanups can include various other services that’ll also spruce up and revitalize its appearance. However, before you sign up for a spring cleanup program, make sure the company offers services for both your lawn and landscape beds so your entire property is taken care of.

Spring cleanups benefit the health of your lawn.

Spring cleanups are one of the best things you can do for your lawn. When it is covered in leaves and debris, it can harm the health of your grass, suffocating and blocking vital resources like air, water, and sunlight from reaching it. These three things are key to making sure your lawn is healthy and grows strong, and without them, it will become weaker and more susceptible to lawn diseases and insect infestations. By clearing your lawn, it’ll have access to all these resources, putting it in a better position to start the growing season on the right foot.

Fleas, ticks, and other insects are attracted to leaf piles and debris on your lawn, so performing spring cleanups greatly reduces how many find their way onto your property.

Spring cleanups will enhance the curb appeal of your property.

When the winter fades away and the warm weather rolls in, you’ll want your property looking its best. Spring cleanups will help rejuvenate it after the winter and enhance its overall curb appeal. After all, cleaning up your lawn will help it look neat and free of clutter. Spring cleanups can also include other services to bring the rest of your landscape up to par, boosting the curb appeal of your property even more! Some of these include the following:

  • Trimming & Pruning: While trimming will maintain the shape and aesthetic of your plants, pruning will keep them healthy.
  • Mulch or Rock Installation: Mulch and rock ground coverings will make your landscape beds stand out and help your plants thrive.
  • Landscape Bed Reshaping: Reshaping your landscape beds can give them a fresh look and boost their curb appeal!

A company’s spring cleanup program should include services for your lawn and landscape beds.

Not only do you want your lawn to look beautiful, but your landscape beds need some love, too! Before you sign up for a company’s spring cleanup program, make sure they offer services for both your lawn and landscape beds. Some companies only focus on either the lawn or the landscape beds rather than both, so it’s important to be clear with the company about everything that will be included and what your property needs.

Call us today to schedule our spring cleanup program!

At CLC Landscaping, we know how important it is to keep your property beautiful and healthy. That’s why we offer our spring cleanup program! Our program is highly customizable to fit the needs of your property, and you can choose which services you want to include, such as leaf and debris removal, plant trimming and pruning, and mulch or rock installation. That way, you can ensure your lawn and landscape beds are getting the TLC they deserve this spring!

We offer our spring cleanup service to residential properties in New Braunfels, TX, and the nearby areas, such as Buda and San Marcos. Call us at (830) 243-6805 to schedule our spring cleanup service today!

4 Flowers to Plant in Your Landscape Beds That Thrive in the Texas Climate

Flowers do an amazing job at elevating the aesthetics of landscape beds. If you want your landscape beds in Texas to look fantastic, 4 flowers that you should consider planting are bird of paradise, blanket flowers, roses, and purple coneflowers. These flowers thrive when they receive full sunlight, which makes them perfect for the climate in Texas! All these plants also provide exceptional blooms that will spruce up the visual appeal of your landscape, and you can’t go wrong with adding them to your landscape beds. Keep reading to learn more about these flowers and how they can enhance the aesthetics of your property.

1. Bird of Paradise

If you want an alluring element in your landscape, you’ll want to consider adding bird of paradise flowers to your landscape beds. The standout feature of this shrubby plant is its flowers as they resemble a majestic bird in flight, not to mention its bright colors that come in red, yellow, and orange.

One of the best things about the bird of paradise plant is that it grows best in full sun, which means it will thrive in the Texas climate! It also benefits from a good watering routine, but make sure there is proper drainage since this plant loves a drier environment.

2. Blanket Flower

Known for its bright, colorful blooms, the blanket flower plant is a well-loved landscape plant in Texas. This plant is an easy-to-grow perennial that grows in a mound that spreads slowly and eventually blankets the area it’s planted in. With this growth habit and its vibrant blooms of yellow and red, the blanket flower will make your landscape beds look fuller and more lively! This flower will grow best in areas with full sun to partial shade and does not have high water requirements.

The blanket flower is deer-resistant, making this a perfect choice if you want to deter deer from your property!

3. Roses

The classic beauty of roses remains unrivaled, and these flowers will undoubtedly make your landscape beds pop! This plant is a perennial shrub that is famous for its fragrant smell and thorny stems. A rose’s bloom can range from small to large, and come in a variety of colors like red, pink, lavender, orange, yellow, and white. Roses thrive when planted in good draining soil and in an area that receives full sun. Here in Texas, popular rose varieties include:

  • Red cascade rose
  • Caldwell pink rose
  • Knock out roses
  • Drift rose
  • And more

4. Purple Coneflower

The purple coneflower plant is a great plant to add to your landscape beds. This flower is a perennial plant that boasts excellent drought tolerance, making it a perfect addition to landscape beds in Texas. Purple coneflower can be characterized by its daisy-like blooms of purple petals held up by elongated stems. These blooms attract friendly wildlife like bees and butterflies, which will add more interest to your landscape!

If you want to add this plant to your landscape beds, make sure your purple coneflowers are planted in an area where they will receive full sun. However, they can tolerate light shade. It’s also best to plant them in well-draining and nutrient-rich soil to ensure your purple coneflowers will flourish.

Beautify your landscape with our plantings and softscaping services. Call us today to schedule!

Vibrant flowers and gorgeous plants can make your landscape look more interesting. If you want to beautify your landscape, we can help. Our team provides our plantings and softscaping services for residential properties in New Braunfels, Buda, San Marcos, TX, and nearby areas. We can install and renovate landscape beds and help you choose the perfect plants to make them look more beautiful. Give us a call today at (830) 420-0778 to schedule our plantings and softscaping services.

4 Drainage Solutions That Can Help You Solve Your Drainage Problems

Drainage problems can cause a lot of issues when ignored. If you notice puddles in your yard after heavy rain, it’s a reliable sign that water is not draining properly! Fortunately, there are 4 drainage solutions that can help you solve your drainage problems. Installing a French drain, catch drain basin, downspout, or sump pump will help ensure water is directed away from your home in Texas. These solutions go as simple as connecting a pipe to your gutter to as complex as detecting water levels in your basement and automatically pumping water away from your property! Keep reading to learn more about these drainage solutions.

1. French Drains

A French drain is an excellent drainage solution that redirects water away from your home. It involves digging a trench in the ground in problematic areas of your yard with bad drainage issues and then placing a durable pipe that is wrapped in fabric in the trench. This drainage solution works by providing a path where water can freely flow away from your property, letting it flow into the pipes and into a central drainage system, instead of creating puddles across your yard! The fabric wrapping on the pipe is designed to filter out leaves, rocks, gravel, and other debris and prevent them from clogging the pipes. When installed properly, French drains can even be an aesthetic element on your landscape.

2. Catch Drain Basins

If you’re tired of dealing with pooling water all around your yard, installing catch drain basins is a great way to solve your drainage problems. A catch drain basin is a drainage solution that involves an underground reservoir or a basin that can be installed in low-lying areas on your property, on your curb, or beneath your downspouts. When the water on your catch basin reaches a certain level, it can flow into an outlet pipe and drain into a designated area.

Catch drain basins have a grate that allows excess water to flow into the basin and prevents debris, stones, sticks, and leaves from falling into the catch basin. To ensure your catch drain basin is still efficient in catching excess water on your property, it’s best to perform routine maintenance and eliminate any debris that made its way into your catch basin.

Catch drain basins can blend in seamlessly with your landscape design!

3. Downspouts

Downspouts are vertical pipes connected to your gutters and are designed to direct water away from your home. This drainage solution diverts excess rainwater from your gutter in a controlled way away from your home! By ensuring the drainage of water is done in a controlled manner, downspouts help prevent soil erosion, which can jeopardize the integrity of your home’s foundation.

4. Sump Pumps

Protecting the lower parts of your property from water damage is crucial to ensuring your home stands on a solid foundation. A sump pump is a reliable drainage solution that helps protect your home from rising waters. This drainage solution involves a valve that detects water levels and automatically pumps water to move it from one area to another. Sump pumps are extremely helpful in preventing flooding in your basement and reducing the risk of mold growing on your property, which can cause several health issues.

We offer effective drainage solutions to address your drainage issues. Call us today to schedule!

Here at CLC Landscaping, we take pride in providing highly effective drainage solutions for residential properties in New Braunfels, Buda, San Marcos, TX, and nearby areas. Our team can install French drains, catch drain basins, downspouts, and sump pumps. Give us a call today at (830) 420-0778 to schedule an installation of any of our drainage solutions.

Trimming & Pruning Are Crucial to Having Beautiful & Healthy Plants

Trimming and pruning your plants is essential to keeping them healthy and looking their best throughout the year in Texas. Although both of these services are extremely beneficial, they both provide their own unique purposes. Trimming is primarily done for aesthetic purposes. This will help keep your plants looking neat and well-manicured. Pruning is performed for the health of your plants and is done to prevent diseased, damaged, or insect-infested parts of your plants from spreading. The time when trimming and pruning should be performed depends on the plant. It is important to remember that trimming can usually be done pretty much any time your plants are starting to look unkempt, but pruning should only be done when needed in order not to cause any damage to your plants. It is always a good idea to hire professionals to trim and prune your plants as they will know exactly when and how to do these services efficiently.

Trimming helps keep your plants looking neat and well-manicured.

Trimming is the process of cutting back parts of your plants to prevent them from becoming overgrown and unkempt. It is primarily performed for aesthetic reasons and aids in the preservation of their natural shape for a neat appearance. Trimming can also help to open up areas so that more sunlight can reach your plants!

Pruning helps maintain the health of your plants.

Pruning removes diseased, damaged, and insect-infested areas to maintain the health of your plants. By doing this, you’ll stop the disease and damaged areas from affecting other parts of your plant. As a result, vital nutrients will be freed up for the healthy parts of your plants rather than being wasted on the problematic ones.

When should trimming and pruning be performed?

Although trimming and pruning should be performed throughout the year to keep your plants healthy, they need to be done at certain times to ensure you don’t damage your plants. Trimming can usually be done any time your plants start to look unkempt. Once branches start to become overgrown and affect the curb appeal of your property, then this is a good time to trim your plants. Pruning on the other hand is quite the opposite and should only be performed when absolutely needed. Doing this at the wrong time can be detrimental to the health of your plants. You might think you are positively helping your plants, but pruning when it isn’t necessary can cause more harm than good.

To ensure no damage is caused to your plants, it is always a good idea to hire professionals to perform trimming and pruning services. The professionals will be more familiar with the plants in your area and will know when and how to do these services efficiently to make sure they don’t damage your plants. You can rest assured that when you hire professionals to trim or prune your plants, they will never do anything to put the health of your plants in jeopardy!

To further improve the health and aesthetics of your plants, you should install mulch in your landscape beds.

Give us a call to schedule our trimming and pruning service.

At CLC Landscaping, we provide our trimming and pruning service to help you maintain your plant’s health and beauty all year long. Our team is committed to maintaining your landscape’s visual appeal by ensuring your plants are trimmed regularly and that they stay healthy by having them pruned on an as-needed basis. We offer our trimming and pruning service to residential properties in New Braunfels, Buda, San Marcos, TX, and surrounding areas. Give us a call at (830) 505-1895 to schedule our trimming and pruning service for your property today!

LED Bulbs vs Incandescent Bulbs for Your Outdoor Lighting System

Outdoor lighting is a worthwhile addition to your property, as it can illuminate it at night for safer use and even highlight and draw attention to your landscape features! With nearly perfect weather year-round here in Texas, enjoying your outdoor living space doesn’t have to end once the sun goes down. However, the most notable debate for lighting systems is which bulb is best – LED or incandescent. When we compare them, LED bulbs are superior; they are more energy-efficient, safer, and longer-lasting than their lesser counterpart. So, if you want an outdoor lighting system for your home, you’ll want to ensure the installation company uses LED bulbs. Continue reading to learn more about the differences between these bulbs and how LED bulbs are better than incandescent bulbs.

LED Bulbs Use Less Energy Than Incandescent Bulbs

Using energy-efficient bulbs for an outdoor lighting system helps to avoid skyrocketing your electric bill. Fortunately, that’s where LED bulbs come in – these bulbs use around 75% less energy than incandescent bulbs, as much of the latter’s energy goes to generating heat. With LEDs, you can enjoy long nights with loved ones in your outdoor living space and still have a lower energy bill than if you were to use incandescent bulbs!

LED bulbs are safer than incandescent bulbs because they generate little to no heat.

Have you ever touched an incandescent bulb after it’s been on for a while? If the answer is yes, then you know how hot they can get. Meanwhile, LED bulbs generate little to no heat and are overall safer than incandescents; after all, there isn’t the risk of anything catching on fire with a bulb that doesn’t burn as hot. But wait, there’s more – LED bulbs are less prone to breaking than incandescent bulbs, as they consist of durable plastic rather than glass; this means they pose less of a safety hazard if you accidentally drop one!

LED Bulbs Will Last Longer Than Incandescent Bulbs

Nothing’s more inconvenient than changing lights over and over because they burn out so quickly, especially with an outdoor system. Unfortunately, this is common with incandescent bulbs, and you’ll have to replace them somewhat often. Now enter LED bulbs, which will make this a problem of the past! These bulbs use much less energy, meaning they’ll last longer, and you won’t have to replace your lights as frequently. That way, you can save money in the long run and get more use out of your outdoor lights!

LED bulbs have a lifespan of 30,000-50,000 hours, which is significantly longer than the lifespan of incandescent bulbs, which is only about 1,000 hours!

Do you want LED bulbs for your outdoor lighting system? Sign up for our outdoor lighting installation service!

If you want LED bulbs for your outdoor lighting system, we’re the ones for the job! Here at CLC Landscaping, we only use top-of-the-line products for our services, namely LED bulbs for our outdoor lighting service. LED bulbs are vastly superior to incandescent bulbs, and it’s a no-brainer why we choose to use them. After all, we want to ensure you get the most out of your outdoor lights, and these bulbs are energy-efficient, long-lasting, and safe. However, that’s not all – with us, you can trust that we’ll exercise precision during installation and create a stunning lighting display for your outdoor living space so that you can enjoy it for years to come.

We offer our outdoor lighting installation service to residential property owners in New Braunfels, Buda, San Marcos, and other nearby areas in Texas. Call us at (830) 505-1895 to sign up and reap the benefits of LED bulbs today!

Mulch – It Does More Than Just Enhance the Beauty of Your Landscape Beds!

Mulch is one of the most common ground covers you can add to your landscape beds in Texas. With different types and colors available, mulch will immediately change the look of your entire landscape. Although many people install mulch to enhance the beauty of their landscape beds, mulch provides many more benefits! Mulch acts as an insulation layer to help protect your plants from different temperature changes. Mulch also reduces soil erosion in your landscape beds by reducing the amount of soil that is washed away when it rains. What’s more, mulch will help your soil retain moisture; it will block the sun from evaporating all of the moisture in your soil. A benefit that mulch provides that may be the most important is that it releases nutrients to your soil as it breaks down, which will help your plants become more robust. Mulch may help your landscape beds become a focal point of your property, but the additional benefits that it provides go unmatched!

Mulch protects your plants from temperature changes.

Mulch acts as an insulator, protecting your plants from the temperature changes we experience in Texas. This benefits your plants by keeping their roots warm in the winter and cool in the summer. The mulch will keep the roots from being damaged by the cold and will keep them from getting too much direct sunlight during the hotter months of the year, which could cause stress on your plants.

Installing mulch 2-3 inches thick will ensure that your plants are not being suffocated and that it is thick enough to achieve the desired benefits.

Mulch reduces the chances of soil erosion occurring in your landscape beds.

A proper layer of mulch can provide protection for the soil in your landscape beds. When it rains, the force of the rain can cause the soil to wash away. However, by adding a layer of mulch in your landscape beds, the rain will hit the mulch instead of the soil, preventing the rain from eroding the soil. This will help ensure the roots of your plants aren’t exposed to environmental conditions.

Help your soil retain moisture by installing mulch.

Installing mulch in your landscape beds will help your soil retain more moisture. It will help block the sun from evaporating all of the moisture in your soil, which allows your plants to stay hydrated for longer periods of time. When you shade the soil with mulch, it will help conserve soil moisture and reduce the amount of watering you will need to do on a regular basis.

Mulch can prevent weeds from sprouting in your landscape beds by smothering them and blocking their access to sunlight.

Mulch releases nutrients into your soil as it breaks down.

Mulch is a natural material that degrades over time. As it breaks down, it releases important nutrients to the soil. This process is crucial because it will give your plants more essential nutrients to become healthier and stronger. To ensure the mulch is providing it’s intended benefits to the plants in your landscape beds, you should replenish it once a year.

Give us a call to schedule our mulch installation service.

At CLC Landscaping, we offer our mulch installation service not only to enhance the beauty of your landscape beds, but to provide important health benefits as well. We offer several types of mulch, as well as various colors of mulch so you can choose the option that’s right for you. Our service is offered to residential properties in New Braunfels, Buda, San Marcos, TX, and surrounding areas. Give us a call at (830) 264-1732 to schedule our mulch installation service! We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Is It Worth It to Seal Your Patio, Walkways & Driveway?

A beautiful hardscape can increase your property’s curb appeal. However, here in Texas, keeping these areas beautiful can prove a tedious task if you don’t know where to start. If you’re looking to protect your hardscapes, sealing your patio, walkways, and driveway is worth your time. When you seal your hardscapes, you protect the surfaces against wear and tear, and dirt. These three areas especially are typically more at risk than other hardscapes because of frequent use, so you should apply the sealant twice a year to stay on top of your game. In the long run, this can preserve your hardscapes and even beautify them by stopping grime from building up on them. Keep reading to learn more about sealant!

Sealant can protect your patio, walkways, and driveway from dirt and frequent use.

Sealant works by protecting your hardscapes from harsh elements and grime. When professionals apply it to your driveways, walkways, patios, and other hardscapes, they coat the surface with resin to prevent frequent use from damaging the material underneath and to protect against dirt. This is especially important here in Texas where the hot sun can deteriorate different surfaces and grime can muddy up hardscapes, even staining your patios, walkways, and driveway.

In the long run, sealant can preserve your hardscapes by protecting them from these types of stressors. This means you can save money in future repairs and maintain a beautiful property without needing to do as much cleaning and work yourself.

You can request resin with either a glossy or matte finish, depending on your aesthetic goals, to beautify and protect your property.

Patios, walkways, and driveways need to be sealed to help prevent deterioration.

Although your hardscapes were built using materials that look and seem indestructible, they actually need the extra layer of protection that sealant provides. This is especially true for the areas you most frequent like patios, walkways, and driveways. Unfortunately, hardscapes like these deteriorate faster than other hardscapes would because of wear and tear.

Driving your car on the surface, walking on the surface, the sun beating down on the surface, and other similar factors can contribute to the decay of these gorgeous areas. Luckily, a sealant application can help prevent deterioration and even keep stains away.

Clean and seal your hardscapes twice a year to ensure the best results!

To yield the best results, you should clean and seal your patios, walkways, and driveway twice a year here in Texas. Unfortunately, our state receives lots of sunlight and harsh weather, all of which can affect and dirty your hardscapes. So, your hardscapes will need help throughout the year to address hiccups that can appear from frequent use and environmental exposure.

This is a good schedule to follow because it also helps keep the hardscapes on your property clean by preventing grime from building up on them. During the cleaning service that accompanies the sealing service, professionals pressure wash or acid wash your hardscapes to remove mold, debris, and any other build-up that can occur from frequent use.

Call us today to schedule our cleaning and sealing service!

If your hardscapes are starting to look grimy, or if you’re simply looking to protect them, call us today at (830) 264-1732 to schedule our cleaning and sealing service! Your hardscapes are beautiful and one of a kind, gifting your property its personality and aesthetic appeal, so you’ll want to make sure that you take good care of them! We offer our cleaning and sealing service to residential property owners in New Braunfels, Buda, San Marcos, and nearby areas in Texas. We’re waiting for your call!