Outdoor Patios in San Marco

Nothing enhances the natural beauty of your property like an outdoor patio. Outdoor patios provide a place to entertain, enjoy an outdoor meal, or simply sit quietly with a book. They make a practical, elegant addition to any home.

CLC Landscaping, LLC, an industry-leading team of landscape professionals in San Marco, creates beautiful customized outdoor patios. We take pride in designing and installing patios that are perfectly suited to each home and homeowner.

In addition to our exceptional products and service, we offer affordable pricing and free estimates for our patio construction.

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Beautiful, Durable Patio Design and Installation

From the first design sketches to the laying of the last patio stones, CLC Landscaping, LLC will oversee every aspect of your outdoor patio build.

No matter the type of terrain or elevation on your property, we can create a level, comfortable service that will extend your living space outdoors.

You’ll be able to choose from a huge selection of patio materials, including patio stones, concrete pavers, and brick pavers. Pavers, natural stone, and concrete are all low-maintenance, attractive patio materials.

These are available in a wide variety of colors and interlocking designs. You can be confident of finding the patio to perfectly suit your lifestyle.

Whether you have an exact idea in mind of your dream patio, or would prefer to look at a few options, CLC Landscaping, LLC can help you create a perfect design.

Reasons to Build an Outdoor Patio

As a leading landscaping and hardscaping company in the San Marco area, we work every day with clients who are improving their property.

While each client has their own reason to add an outdoor patio, here are several of the most common.

First, an outdoor patio isn’t just a place to sit. It can become an outdoor living room, outdoor kitchen, and outdoor dining room all one surface. Extending the amount of usable square footage on your property is always a practical idea.

Outdoor patios are also a highly personalized addition to your property. Not only do you get to choose the size and shape, but also the colors and the materials. It can be built to perfectly match your home and garden.

An outdoor patio is a great addition in terms of resale. In the beautiful sunshine of San Marco, a place to enjoy the outdoors is certain to add significant value to your property.

Finally, by adding an outdoor patio you’re able to decrease your lawn maintenance! With a low-maintenance lawn, you won’t have to worry about lawn and garden upkeep.

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Outdoor Patio Installation Process

CLC Landscaping, LLC will begin by establishing your outdoor patio’s location, size, shape, and materials.

The ground on which the patio will be built will then be dug. The depth will be determined by your patio stones or concrete pavers.

Once the ground has been dug and compacted, the pavers will be laid, and the cracks laid with sand.

After a thorough clean-up and inspection, your maintenance-free patio will be ready to enjoy!