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About Us

We provide top-tier lawn and landscape solutions for everything from outdoor lighting, lawn care, hardscaping, and more to New Braunfels, TX and nearby areas.

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We have been delivering exceptional lawn and landscape solutions to New Braunfels, Buda, San Marcos, and nearby areas in Texas for 7 years. And in that time, we have earned a fantastic reputation as a company that provides excellent services to homeowners in our community. Our goal is to help residents attain the landscape they deserve through our hard work, experience, and diligent approach to landscaping. We're different because we abide by the three C's –consistency, communication, and convenience – to make the process painless and fruitful for all our clients. We believe in providing a comprehensive service, so our broad range of offerings span from the staples of fertilization and weed control treatments to complex outdoor kitchens customized to your needs, and everything in between.

CLC child posing by work truck wearing branded hat in New Braunfels, TX.

We've been trusted by our community since 2015.

Our employee opening the driver's side door on a company van in San Marcos, TX.

When Chad Currie was inspired to start this business, it wasn't just because he wanted to have the best lawn and landscape company in the area. He looked around and realized that the other options weren't good enough – his community deserved better. He set out to create a business that not only produced top-tier results but also focused on solving the real service gap in the industry: creating a mutual connection and trust with clients to make them part of the family. We leverage that trust with our hard work, experience, and diligence to ensure that your lawn and landscape are a haven for you to return to at the end of a long workday.

We won the Best of Hays County award for Landscaping in 2020!

What Makes Us Different

Every decision we make is guided by the three C's: consistency, communication, and convenience.

  • Consistency: We will show up on time to produce high-quality results in professional, branded vehicles and uniforms.
  • Communication: Communication is essential, so we make certain this is never forgotten and always on the front line for improvement and development.
  • Convenience: We know how busy you are, so we make every step of the process as easy as possible and take care of all the details for you.

These guidelines ensure that the process is as painless and fruitful as possible for our clients. We know that our team of experts have the industry knowledge and expertise to knock the work out of the park – what we make sure of is that we maintain a constant focus on superior customer satisfaction too. That's the CLC Landscaping difference.

Our Services

Our landscaper hard at work with a trimmer on a property in Buda, TX.

We don't believe you should need to have more than one company on the roster for your lawn and landscape needs, so we ensure we can do it all and do it well. Our broad range of services includes outdoor lighting, drainage, and fertilization, as well as:

We've developed an in-depth quality control process that provides checks and balances through every step of our design and build projects. This ensures that everything is being completed as it should be, on time, and any trouble areas can be sighted in advance of them manifesting into a larger issue. The same diligence and attention to detail are applied to all our services so you can be confident that your project is receiving our full and undivided attention, whether it's fertilization or an entire outdoor kitchen build.

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We know it's hard to entrust your lawn and landscape to someone else, and that's why we've built a business deserving of that responsibility. At CLC Landscaping, we focus on improving every single day. Our clients in New Braunfels, Buda, San Marcos, and surrounding cities in Texas know that they can come to us for a broad range of services – from weed control to outdoor lighting and more – and get the same outstanding, consistent quality we're known for. Call us today at (830) 515-2002 to schedule your next service!