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    Meet The Team

    CLC Landscaping is full of awesome people you may have the opportunity to meet. Here are just a few working the magic behind the scenes:

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    Chad Currie


    Enjoys golfing, scuba diving, spending time with his newborn daughter, entertaining friends and family, and traveling with his wife.

    Stan Currie

    Production Manager

    Enjoys a nice fat cuban and vodka on the rocks. Chad talked me into coming to the business 5 years ago and it's been a wild ride every since.

    Brett Currie

    Project Team Foreman

    Never met a scratch off I didn't like. My favorite day involves a good game of golf and a cold whiskey.

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    John Olivio

    Lawn Care Lead/Trainer

    John is an advid fisherman and you can find him by a body of water most weekends. He is also a proud father of two sons.

    Natalie Vines

    Operations Manager

    Addicted to Starbucks and the Beach. I love traveling, dancing and will never turn down a chance to Karaoke.

    Luis Delgado

    Project Team Member

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    Serving San Marcos Since 2013

    A luscious, thick lawn is the hallmark of a beautiful property, but establishing healthy and consistent growth involves time and dedication. San Marcos homeowners and renters greatly value their lawns but rarely have the time to care for them properly. That’s why we started CLC Landscaping, LLC. Our goal is to help residents of San Marcos attain the yard they deserve through high quality work and our communicative approach to landscaping.


    At CLC Landscaping, LLC, we believe in offering a comprehensive service. Nobody should need to have multiple companies take care of their lawn. That’s why we offer a full stack of services ranging from Landscape Design, to Irrigation Maintenance, to general Lawn Care.

    Why Our Clients Love Us


    Communication was one of the key problems he found to be with contractors and competitors in the industry. He made a commitment that although it may never become a perfect science, great communication will always be at the front line for improvement and development within CLC. 

    Family Oriented

    This is truly a local family ran business. Stan Currie (Chad’s father) decided to join the team in 2016 as CLC’s production manager after his retirement in the trucking industry of over 30 years. Brett Currie (Chad’s younger brother) joined the team as a landscape project helper in 2017 while in school. He has now worked his way into one of our top lead project foreman and trainer.


    While we hold the reputation of the best residential landscaper in Center Texas, we will be the first to admit that we aren’t perfect! As Chad will quite often tell clients, “it’s not about being perfect, rather being perfect at standing behind our imperfections until they’re made right.” We believe in being reasonable and fair and expect the same in return from all of our clients. At the end of the day you are NOT just paying for a lawn guy, you’re paying for the service & backbone of CLC Landscaping.


    Beginning in 2015, CLC Landscaping (which stood for ‘Chad’s Lawn Care’ back in the day…) was originally just a one man operation and mowing service. However Chad has a visionary mind with an artistic talent, which many clients have found to be very beneficial when designing their dream landscape or outdoor escape. With a hands on approach over the years Chad has been able to surround himself with extraordinary talent and commitment in the team that CLC has become today.


    Now there are many parts to CLC, along with many talented and valuable team members that allow Chad’s vision back in 2015 to truly become the success it is today. We are passionate about the green industry and have strived to become the local industry leader. By focusing on our team first we have been able to set ourselves apart from our competitors. Not only do we pay our employees on average $3-$5/hr more than the competitor, we also enjoy team cookouts, Christmas raffles, Thanksgiving turkey fry’s, and even Chad’s “famous” crawfish boils. We believe that by putting the employee first, our employee’s then put our clients first. 

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