Plants for Rock Gardens

In the chart below, plants are listed by their most common English names, followed by their scientific Latin names. The second column indicates the climatic zone or zones in which each plant can be grown, keyed by number to the map on page 282. All of the plants flower, and a few plants have additional special traits. Bishop’s hat, fringed bleeding heart, and leadwort have distinctive foliage, while common thrift is an evergreen. Plant heights, listed in the next column, include the height of the flowers, and the fourth column indicates the blossoms’ range of colors. The Growth Habit column shows that most of these plants grow upright, but some grow either by spreading or by trailing from a central stem. Special soil and light conditions in which specific plants thrive appear in the last column.


European Wood Anemone


Evergreen Candytuft


Dwarf Bearded Iris