Yard and Garden Trees

This chart lists 79 small and medium-sized ornamental trees suitable for a garden, patio, or yard; 50 are deciduous, 14 are narrow-leafed evergreens, and 15 are broad-leafed evergreens. The first column gives the common English names of each tree in alphabetical order, followed by the botanical name; the second lists the geographical zone or zones in which each tree grows best (map, page 282). The third column gives the approximate height of a mature tree. Growth rates for trees vary, from less than 12 inches annually (slow), to 1 to 2 feet per year (moderate), to 3 feet or more a year (fast). Tree shapes sometimes differ within a single species, as listed in the Shape column. The Special Characteristics column includes other qualities, such as striking leaf color or unusual bark, which make trees distinctive; here, too, variations exist within a species. Also noted in this column are soil and sun requirements, and whether a tree produces flowers, fruit, or seeds. Inquire at a local nursery about trees that are native to your area; these species will flourish, because they have adapted to local conditions.


European Mountain Ash

Common Catalpa

Yoshino Cherry

Red Jade Crab Apple

Flowering Dogwood

Fringe Tree

Washington Hawthorn

Katsura tree

Saucer Magnolia

Japanese Maple

California Black Oak

Russian Olive

Pissard Plum

Japanese Cedar

False Moss Sawara Cypress


Japanese Black Pine

English Holly


Sweet Orange

Pineapple Guava